About Us

This magical island is filled with many many treasures waiting to be explored, like the unspoiled rugged landscape with pristine waters and lush jungles, the warm hospitality of Cuban people, the allure of the 1950’s american cars, the best cocktails in the world, not to mention the live music and amazing dancing…
This tropical oasis boasts beaches that people only dream about, with white sandy beaches going for miles, surrounded by turquoise waters, Cuba’s beaches are free of large crowds and full of tranquility. Pick the right beach and you find yourself in snorkeller’s heaven with the world’s most secluded and beautiful coral reefs around.

Beaches are not your place?

Cuba has amazing natural landscapes and bird life. with 6 Biosphere reserves, and its unique position in the Carribean, Cuba can see as many as 300 various species of birds a year travelling through at various time of the year. Couple that with the surrounds of Playa Larga on the Zapata Peninsula and you find yourself in paradise, reconnecting with nature – Cuba Tours.

Cuba’s natural beauty is not the only thing that will win your heart…

You’ll find vibrant rhythms, amazing architecture, rich heritage of literature and dance, the perfect cigar and genuine, open people – such qualities win over many travelers, who return again and again.

And who are we?

Simply Cuba is founded by an amazing Cuban Tour guide, Yoanis, and an Australian traveller, Orsolya, who fell in love with Cuba on her trip and been wanting to share the experience with anyone who’s open to it.

Yoanis, is passionate about his country, its history, wildlife and people. He goes over and above the line of duty every time to ensure that our visitors have a trip of a life time. Yoanis has been leading tours for over 14 years around Cuba, with a specific interest in nature tours like Birds Photography and trekking. He is very knowledgeable on history, on wildlife or current affairs. There’s no challenge on any tours that he couldn’t over come with great sense of humour and leadership.
Our mission is to create a trip of a life time with you. We are truly passionate about what Cuba has to offer, so our trips are designed for exploring, engaging & immersion into the REAL Cuba.

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