Discover Cuba's Underwater World

A Photography Tour with Shane Gross

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6-8 People

16-25 February 2022

Photography –
All skill levels

Fitness – Level Easy/Moderate

Are you ready to explore Cuba’s underwater world?

Cuba is a place where time stands still, and its reefs are no exception. The waters surrounding this island nation are filled with life that has remained untouched by human hands for centuries. This makes it an incredible destination for divers who want to experience something truly unique in the underwater world.

You can discover sea turtles, nurse sharks, moray eels, stingrays and many other species of fish on these reefs. And when you’re not diving in crystal-clear water or exploring shipwrecks from long ago, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about Cuban culture through city tours or salsa classes during your free time! It’s all part of our mission to make sure your trip is as fun as possible while also giving you a chance to learn more about this beautiful country and its people. 

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Experience a sense of wonder

Inspire others to protect our oceans and their inhabitants through your portfolio

Pristine, warm waters with great visibility provide the perfect underwater playground awaiting you to discover it. Each spot will allow you to go between 15 to 30 metres, some areas offer deeper dives for the more experienced. This is a photographer’s heaven; every turn has a near-perfect shot to be taken. The exotic marine life in Cuba is lively and colorful. Parrotfish, balloonfish, and green moray are sighted amidst anemones, untouched sponges and mollusks. On the seafloor, you may see shrimps, Caribbean spiny lobster, batwing and channel clinging crabs crawling. Let’s not leave out the cushion star, red heart urchin and sea cucumbers either!

Cuba is amongst the most intact marine ecosystems in the region. It will not disappoint.

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Hear from Shane

Discover sunken shipwrecks, coral reefs and amazing marine life

Your safety is our priority 

Our motto for all our tours, especially our diving tours, is safety first.

Therefore, we have chosen diving centres that are certified by the American Canadian Underwater Association (ACUC) as well as Underwater Activities World Federation (CMAS) to international standards. Providing certified diving gear, so you don’t need to bring your own.

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Inside this Tour

Our Simply Scuba Cuba Photo Expedition is aimed at anyone with a passion for exploring Cuba’s magical marine life with a small group of like-minded individuals and include

Photographing Amazing Marine Life

The water there gives you the chance for some incredible photography and exploration. We visit Trinidad, Cienfuegos and the Bay of Pigs to provide you with a varied marine scenery from coral reefs, to shipwrecks, walls and cenotes…

Cultural Immersion

Get to know Cuba on a deeper level than any other tourist can with the help of our local guide, stay at local casas, restaurants and service providers to enjoy an authentic cultural experience.

Photo Guide and Tour Leader

On this tour, we will be accompanied by professional photographerShane Gross to assist you in getting the best out of your photography. We will also be accompanied by a local tour leader who will share his passion and knowledge of Cuba throughout the trip.


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