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Cuba, bringing you visions of beauty, music, intrigue and times of change. We bring you long term, reliable in-country relationships, and experienced local tour leaders, premium casas and a perfect mix of the bucket list dreams and the unexpected!

Blending historical influences, Cuba’s sensory world of art, music and gastronomy is mesmerising. Enjoy the pastel-hued villages, rum-scented squares and cigar plantations with a small group of like minded adventurers. Our guides will give you an insider’s view of Cuba, meeting local people and visiting local sites that the average traveller in Cuba doesn’t usually have a chance to see.

Read the full itinerary below.

Why join us?
  • Get a chance to see Cuba from a fresh perspective
  • A memorable experience that will stay with you forever
  • Meet locals and experience their traditions first hand
  • Learn more about Cuba’s history with a Cuban
  • Experience authentic Cuban cuisine, music, and culture
  • Enjoy an iconic Classic Car Ride in Havana
  • Get a chance to see Cuba from a fresh perspective
  • A memorable experience that will stay with you forever

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Havana ooh nana... You will sure be leaving part of your heart in Havana! Such a vibrant, lively and mysterious city! Uncover it's rich history of pirates, mobsters and colonialism... Independence wars, a revolution and continuous US trade embargo. Yet, despite all the struggles, you will find the kindest, most friendly and welcoming people here in the world. Whatever you do, make sure you arrive with an open mind and immerse yourself in the experience this city has to offer.

From here we take a mini pilgrimage to Santa Clara, a destination for Che Guevara worshipers to discover the life of one of Cuba's greatest heroes. Then we move on to the largest outdoor museum that you have ever seen... Trinidad! Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, Cuba’s oldest and most enchanting city. This place is truly unique, with its mixture of history, mojitos, dance and art scene mixed with the charm of cobblestone streets, horsing carts, and an amazing colonial atmosphere.

This tour was designed with a balance of nature, culture and people in mind so you can capture Cuba's story through your camera with the guidance of our local guides and photo experts.

As if Trinidad wasn't beautiful enough! We'll take you to Cienfuegos, Paris of the Caribbean. A stunning natural bay, elegant and classical French architecture is really a sight to see. On the way through we visit Parque El Nicho to enjoy the lush greenery and pristine water falls, may be even a quick dip before a traditional charcoal cooked lunch at a local farmhouse. Talk about an artisan experience.

Discover the sites of the famous botched CIA landing in the Bay of Pigs. Snorkel in the amazing fish cave before finding yourself wondering through nature at it’s best in the mountains of Soroa to the crystal clear waters of Cayo Jutias. Roll a cigar in the rural village

Experience Cuba in all its glory and discover the colours, cuisine, culture and natural beauty that make up this truly unique country.of Vinales, this magnificent natural rural setting is far from Havana’s hustle and bustle. With traditional agricultural fields, mesmerising mogotes and plenty of bush tracks it is a perfect place to rewind and recharge. It is hard to put in words the beauty of this place. The adventures on this trip are just never ending!

What you will love about this trip

  • Learn about Cuban history and culture first hand
  • Explore Cuba beyond its tourist attractions with an insider’s perspective
  • Taste the best rum on earth, made by Cubans
  • Explore untouched landscapes
  • A life-changing experience
  • Learn more about Cuba's history with a Cuban
  • Experience authentic Cuban cuisine, music, and culture
  • Enjoy an iconic Classic Car Ride in Havana with a cocktail in hand
  • Learn to roll your own cigar from a Cuban Tobacco Farmer
  •  Learn from Simply Cuba Photography tour's award winning photo experts

Is This Trip Right For You?

  • Be aware! We NEVER use hotels! Our aim is to give back to the community, as such we always use Casas as our accommodation option. Of course we are aware of western comfort requirements, so as a standard, we ensure pillows, air conditioning and private bathrooms.
  • In saying that... Do remember that you are in a country with lower infrastructure standards. As such, power cuts, especially in cyclone season are expected. Water pressure may be low and hot water in short supply. This really just adds to the adventure.
  • Previously Cash was king! Some service providers now insist on the use of credit cards to reduce cash handling, but be aware that some cards may not work in Cuba. So have several options available.
  • Internet access is available, but is limited. Why not choose this time to switch off and relax? If it is not entirely possible, we will assist you to get connected.
  • Come without expectations, as things don’t always go to plan. And bring your sense of humour, in case you need to deal with things in 'Cuban time'!
  • The roads can be a challenge, whilst we ensure we get you there safely, it may take longer than you would expect in any other part of the world. Please read the itinerary carefully for travel time estimates.

Places You’ll See


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Day 1 – Havana

Welcome to Cuba!

A complimentary transfer from the airport to the guesthouse is included with your trip to ease you into the life in Cuba. You can check in at any time, your casa hosts will be waiting for you. If you arrive early, enjoy your free time till your welcome meeting at 6pm. Depending on your arrival into the country and how you feel there are some options for you to discover Havana.

May be even get your supply of Wi-fi cards sorted for your stay…

Special Information

A complimentary arrival transfer is included with your trip. Please ensure you provide your flight details at least 14 days prior to travel so the transfer can be organised.

Please see ‘Joining instructions’ for more information about exiting the arrivals hall and connecting with your arrival transfer driver who will take you to your guesthouse.

It’s very important that you attend the welcome meeting as we will be collecting insurance details and next of kin information at this time. If you are going to be late please let us know.

Day 2 – Trinidad via Santa Clara

Today we set out to Trinidad, about 5 hours south of Havana on the glittering Caribbean coastline. It is one of a kind, a perfectly preserved Spanish colonial settlement where the clocks stopped in 1850 and haven’t yet started. On the way through we will stop at Santa Clara. It is Cuba’s 5th biggest city, that holds a special place in Cuba’s revolutionary history. Famous for the Battle of Santa Clara, when it was taken over by a revolutionary battalion led by Che Guevara by the afternoon on New Years Eve 1958. It is seen as a decisive chapter in the revolution as President Batista escaped Cuba within 12 hours afterwards. As such this city is a mini pilgrimage destination for Che Guevara worshippers.

You cannot miss the Plaza de la Revolucion. The is the open space that is overlooked by a huge bronze statue of Che Guevara that sits atop the museum and the Che Guevara mausoleum that we will visit. It is nothing short of a big, bold reminder to every local and visitor of Che’s importance here.

We will then continue to Trinidad, where you will receive a guided city tour to get your bearings before you have the evening off to discover the buzzing nightlife in Trinidad.

Day 3 – Trinidad

You will have free time this morning to wonder around this amazing historical town and take in the sites, capture the moments. This place is like an outdoor museum from the 1850's, a time capsule to capture through your lens. The cobblestone streets, the views from the bell tower, the colonial buildings, all provide an amazing photographic opportunity.

In the afternoon you will we head to your salsa Lessons to get those bodies moving and to prepare you to dance the night away at Trinidad’s night spots with the local residents who are more than willing participants in dancing to the local live music.

Day 4 – Trinidad

This morning we will make our way to Playa Ancon. A beautiful beach with crystal clear, calm, warm waters, white sand and a waiter to serve you cocktails only 10 minutes drive from Trinidad, makes this the perfect place to spend a day lounging by the sea, swimming, relaxing an unwinding in the Caribbean.

You can have a nice afternoon siesta before we head out to enjoy a few educational drinks as you learn about the fascinating history of Cuban Rum, all while tasting the most authentic ones. If you ask, a bartender will show you how to prepare different kinds of Cuban drinks so you can recreate these wonderful Cuban cocktails back home.

Day 5 – Cienfuegos

This morning we will set out to Cienfuegos, a French colonist town. If Cuba had a Paris this place would be it. The elegance of the place combined with a feisty Caribbean spirit and lingering Spanish influence, earnt it not only the nickname ‘Pearl of the South’ but also a UNESCO Heritage Listing in 2005.

Small Group Tours CubaOn the way, we will stop at Topes Collantes Nature Reserve that stretches across the south eastern Escambray Mountains. Packed with rivers, waterfalls, canyons and caves, this jungle shrouded natural area is a great way to escape the heat and explore some beautiful scenery. We will visit Parque El Nicho and meander through the swaying palms to visit the waterfall, the perfect spot for a refreshing swim in the Cuban jungle.

You’ll be ready for your siesta on the bus as we make our way into Cienfuegos, where you will have a leader lead orientation walk to show you the craft markets and art galleries of the town, before having the afternoon and evening off to discover the place further.

Day 6 – Playa Larga

Today’s destination is Playa Larga, a small fishing village on the southern Cuban coast, is the gateway to the Cienaga de Zapata National Park. It is located at the head of the Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs). It was one of two beaches invaded by US-backed exiles on April 15, 1961 (although Playa Girón, 35km further south, saw far bigger landings). The invasion is famous because it culminated in a victory for the army and Cuban militias.

Located about halfway between Havana and Trinidad, it’s the best base for exploring the Zapata peninsula and the Ciénaga de Zapata National Park, Cuba’s largest wilderness area, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with varied ecosystem of wetlands, mangrove forests, coral reefs and underwater canyons, it’s home to a massive variety of colourful birds and tropical fish.

On the way we will visit the Museo de Playa Giron to learn more about the 1961 Invasion. This exceedingly well-kept museum with its gleaming display cases evokes a tangible sense of the history of the famous Cold War episode that unfolded within rifle firing distance of this spot in 1961. There is also a British Hawker Sea Fury aircraft used by the Cuban Air Force is parked outside the museum along with a couple of Russian tanks used in the battle. After this we will make our way to the Cueva de los Peces, a 70m-deep cenote (sinkhole) on the inland side of the coast road halfway between Playa Larga and Playa Girón. You Will have a chance at snorkeling here and spot various tropical fish. After the water fun we After this we will retire in Playa Larga, where you will have the evening off.

Day 7 – Soroa/Las Terrazas

This morning we start making our way back toward Western Cuba. We will stop at Las Terrazas community and nature reserve in the Sierra del Rosario mountains. It is an eco-village built around a creek that has been a UNESCO Biosphere reserve since 1985. It is the country’s best kept secret! The goal in this village is to integrate tourism into an existing community rather than create artificial tourist experiences. It succeeds by using local farming, energy efficiency and a focus on the greater good of the community.

The area is home to Cuba’s first canopy circuit/zip line in Cuba. It is a series of 6 lines just under a mile long that pass overtop the village and surrounding area, a perfect way to discover the area. After your Canopy Tour we can discover the area further and enjoy lunch here, before we continue our trip to Soroa. You will have the afternoon off, you can take a stroll amongst the marvelous tall trees to discover the pristine waters of the local water fall before we reconvene for dinner at a local paladar to enjoy traditional Cuban hospitality.

Day 8 – Vinales

Before we make our way to Vinales we’ll have the chance to further admire Soroa, the ‘rainbow of Cuba’ as it is known, as we’ll enjoy a guided tour of the spectacular Soroa Orchid Garden, set among 7 acres of luscious green oasis of flora featuring 250 native Cuban species and amazing birdlife to match. After admiring nature at its glory we will make our way to Vinales.

Beautifully rural, Vinales is endowed in mogotes, large limestone cliffs covered with flat flora and plant life and is the home of the world famous Cuban Cigars. It’s one of the cooler areas of Cuba, so it’s also a nice escape from the hotter parts of the country. Here we will start with an orientation walk before you have the afternoon and evening off. The nightlife here is very active with the local residents more than willing participants in dancing to the local live music.

Day 9 – Vinales

Vinales Valley is a World Heritage site. It is a fascinating site, with it’s amazing “living landscape” of traditional farms and 300 meter high mogotes. It boasts and abundance of local seasonal fruit and vegetables, such as enormous avocados, mangoes and pineapples. It is a fascinating scene to see when oxen are working the fields and the scent of tobacco fills the air.

In the morning we’ll take a guided walk through this rich country side, to discover the life of Cuba’s farmers and learn the secret methods of rolling a Cuban cigar directly from those who grow it. Not only will you get to try one, you get to learn how to roll them yourself! There will be free time in the afternoon before we make our way to the Organic Farm, El Paraiso for dinner. It is a true paradise, not only does it offer a truly delicious farm-to-plate experience it also boast amazing views of the valley. It will truly excite your senses!

Day 10 – Cayo Jutias

Today we will visit Cayo Jutias, approximately 65 kms from Vinales, Pinar del Río’s most discovered ‘undiscovered’ beach. It is a 3km-long white sand beach, with mangroves. It is the most picturesque and tranquil beach you have seen, attached to the mainland by a short causeway.

Day 11 – Havana

It’s time to say good bye to Vinales and head back to Havana today.

When you think of Havana, one of the first things that comes to mind is a beautiful vintage convertible car, right? Once we arrive back in Havana and settle into our casa, it is time taking a ride in Cuba’s iconic American vintage cars. Drive down the gorgeous streets Havana discovering the city’s best-kept secrets! Drive along the Malecon, follow the route of Fast and the Furious, visiting Revolucion Square and the John Lennon Park are just some of the highlights of this cruise.

Day 12 – Havana

UNESCO sure do have great taste, they know a good thing when they see it. Today you’ll start the day with discovering Old Havana, a World Heritage site since 1982. See the glorious grandeur of this dynamic area, one of the Caribbean’s most impressive historical cities. Wonder through the narrow streets and spacious plazas, admiring the Spanish architecture as you discover the birth place of Havana – Plaza de armas, and other iconic sites like Plaza San Francisco de Asis, Plaza Vieja, Plaza de la catedral, and hear about the love story of Havana.

Tonight is the final night to enjoy the sights of this amazing city, may be even recount your experience with your tour bodies and share your photos of the trip.

Special Information

Please confirm the time of your return travel to ensure we have your airport transfer booked for your convenience.

Day 13 – Havana

It’s time to say good bye to this amazing island. We have not planned any activity for you today. Your check-out time is 12pm. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we loved showing it to you!

This is where we depart, yet would strongly recommend that you stay a few more days to explore this unique city. If you would like to take this opportunity, please let us know and we can arrange extended accommodation for you for an additional fee.



12 Breakfasts 5 Lunch 2 Dinners


Premium Guesthouse (12 nights)


Private Vehicle

Included Activities

  • Classic Car ride
  • Viñales Valley walk
  • Trekking to El Nicho waterfall
  • Visit to Las Terrazas Community
  • Zip Line Adventure
  • Soroa Orchid garden
  • Day trip to Cayo Jutias with a boat ride
  • Rum tasting
  • Visit to Che Guevara’s Mausoleum
  • Playa Giron Museum
  • Organic Farm Dinner
  • Dinner at traditional Paladar
  • 1 hour Salsa lesson
  • Snorkelling in the fish cave
  • Old Havana Walking Tour
  —Not Included—
    • Flight and any airline fees
    • Cuba Tourist Visa
    • Discretionary tips for guide, driver and other activities
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Travel insurance