Group Size – 6-8 People
Trip Dates – Set for each tour
Photography –
All skill levels
Fitness – Level Easy/Moderate

Discover Cuba, the photographer’s wonderland!

Snuggled in the heart of the Caribbean, this island paradise presents a large variety of unique and engaging photo experiences that are nearly impossible to come by in any other country. With birdlife, coral reefs, landscapes, culture and people that captivate and inspire it truly is a photographers’ paradise.

Join our amazing local, born and bred tour guides who will bring you their down-to-earth style, outstanding history knowledge, up-to-date current affairs knowledge, and their readiness to be up to any challenge that a Cuban tour may throw at you to enjoy a full cultural immersion, whilst our photo experts guide you with tips and tricks on how best capture the most photogenic country in the world through your lens – small group holidays cuba. Not only that, but they will also capture you in action!

Where else can you get a fantastic photography portfolio, memories for a lifetime, and having a photographer capture your moments for you?

See Our Photography Tours

Simply Cuba Tour

Capture the abundance of natural wonders, exciting culture, historic landmarks, energetic dance scene and Cuban life through your iPhone…

Simply Birds of Cuba Tour

Cuba has the richest bird life in the Caribbean with no fewer than 28 endemics! Join us to create a unique photo portfolio of amazing bird species …

Simply Cuba Scuba Tour

Pristine, warm, balmy waters with great visibility provide the perfect underwater playground awaiting you to discover it at capture its beauty through your lens…

Simply Cuba in

Cuba is a photographer’s delight. Vibrant people, colorful buildings, stunning sunsets, classic cars, lush green forests, natural delights… the list is ongoing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Simply Cuba Tours

Our local Cuban guides have a wealth of experience in arranging and running sustainable small group tours in Cuba. They are renowned for their energy, enthusiasm, down to earth style, passion and commitment to providing the ultimate life time experience on your trip in Cuba.

We believe that the recipe for a successful small group tour is simple: a well-planned itinerary with smooth running ground operations, comfortable accommodation, great food, a small group with low participant to leader and expert ratio, and, most importantly, personable, friendly tour leaders and photography experts with the necessary experience and expertise to make each tour a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding adventure – and we strive to achieve this with every single tour that we offer.

Do you include non-photography activities on your tours?

Most definitely!

Our first and foremost focus is that you get to see and enjoy authentic Cuba. So on each trip there are cultural experiences from visiting museums, to rum tasting, salsa dancing, farm-to-plate dinners and more. These experiences can often be one of the most memorable moments on a tour.

The opportunities of the cultural experiences do vary depending on the tours with a few, such as our Simply Cuba tour, being almost a 50/50 split between photographic opportunities and enjoying the fun in the sun. The detailed tour itineraries will provide ample information on the day’s activities and what is on the agenda.

Do you offer non-photography tours?


Whilst Simply Cuba tour offers an expert on hand to assist you with iPhone travel photography and how to become a travel influencer, its main focus is the cultural immersion.

We also offer a 6 day Wonders of Western Cuba, 9 day Cuban Birding Tour and a 14 day Cuban Diving experience. Should you wish to look for a different kind of experience, we are always happy to design itineraries for small groups.

Do you have flexible payment options?

We understand that booking a holiday is not easy currently, which is why we offer flexible payment options.

Interest-free payment plans are available on the Company website. For any alternative payment arrangements, a request may be made to the Company for consideration. No matter the payment arrangement, the final payment must be paid 28 days prior to departure.

You are able to change your trip with no change fee up to 28 days before the scheduled departure date.

For full Booking Terms and Conditions, please read our T&Cs here.

What’s your group size?

Most of our tours are between 6 and 8 participants. Our non-photography tours may go up to 12 people, depending on their focus. Birding and Diving related tours will never go over 8 participants.

We will always have 1 local tour leader on our tour and on our photography tours, you will also have an expert photography advisor.

For more Frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQ Page.

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