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Group Size – 6-8 People

Trip Dates – Set for each tour

Photography – All skill levels

Fitness – Level Easy/Moderate

Discover Cuba, the photographer’s wonderland!

Snuggled in the heart of the Caribbean, this island paradise presents a large variety of unique and engaging photo experiences that are nearly impossible to come by in any other country. With birdlife, coral reefs, landscapes, culture and people that captivate and inspire it truly is a photographers’ paradise.

Join our amazing local, born and bred tour guides who will bring you their down-to-earth style, outstanding history knowledge, up-to-date current affairs knowledge, and their readiness to be up to any challenge that a Cuban tour may throw at you to enjoy a full cultural immersion, whilst our photo experts guide you with tips and tricks on how best capture the most photogenic country in the world through your lens – small group holidays cuba. Not only that, but they will also capture you in action!

Where else can you get a fantastic photography portfolio, memories for a lifetime, and having a photographer capture your moments for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need Travel Insurance?2020-12-14T17:18:36+08:00

Absolutely. Since 2010, all people traveling to Cuba are required to purchase travel insurance before entering the country. Your travel insurance details will be requested by the embassy for your visa, may be spot checked by immigration on arrival and also will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. As such it is essential for your trip. Do make sure that your insurance in fact covers you whilst in Cuba as some policies do not. Wold Nomad may be able to assist, contact them for more information.


Are there ATMs?2020-12-14T17:19:52+08:00

It is best to let your bank know prior to your travels where and when you are planning on being overseas.

ATMs are accessible in large cities like Havana, but are rare and almost non-existent in other parts of Cuba. Ensure you have other payment options available in case you cannot access an ATM while travelling.

Can I drink the water in Cuba?2020-12-14T17:24:51+08:00

It’s not advisable to drink water from the tap in Cuba. We ask that you bring your drink bottle, and we will provide you with safe drinking water each day of your trip.

How much money should I bring?2020-12-14T17:37:16+08:00

Cuba is currently changing its monetary systems around, so it is hard to say what the prices will look like once they eliminate CUC in favour of CUP.

Prior to COVID the indicative prices were as follows:

Can of soft drink or bottle of water = USD 1.50
Cup of coffee = USD 1.50
Cocktail = USD 3–5
Meal in a nice restaurant = USD 15–25
One hour of wi-fi = USD 1

We also recommend to take in consideration what is already included in your tour package to assist you in reducing your budget.

What are the toilets like in Cuba?2020-12-14T17:41:22+08:00

They are western-style, flushable toilets. You will be required to pay a small fee at public toilets and if you are lucky you will be given some toilet paper. It is however something that may not be readily available at the facility, or even in shops, so best thing to do is to bring either hand tissues or your own toilet paper.

Will my phone work in Cuba?2020-12-14T17:43:58+08:00

It is best to check with your service provider in your home country prior to leaving whether their service will work or will allow roaming whilst in Cuba. For Australian travellers that is a definite no on this occasion.

Is there internet access in Cuba?2020-12-14T17:48:09+08:00

Technically yes. All you need to do is purchase a Wi-Fi card from Etecsa or from a hotel that allows you to log onto the Natua network in any Wi-fi spot. However even at such spots the coverage can be weak or unavailable.

Some hotels, Casas and restaurants also provide free access to their Wi-Fi network. They will have signs posted on the walls if this option is available.

How does tipping work in Cuba?2020-12-14T17:53:43+08:00

Current Cuban wage has been announced as 2100 Cuban Pesos per month, which equates to 87USD. As such tips are greatly appreciated by all for great service provided.

An amount is not set, it is up to you and the enjoyment of the service received.

Do I need a visa to travel to Cuba?2020-12-14T17:59:41+08:00

Tourists of most nationalities require a ‘Tourist Card’ which is similar to a tourist visa. These can be obtained through travel agents in your home country, or directly from Cuban embassies and consulates. Depending on the airline you are travelling with to Cuba, you may also be able to purchase the tourist card at the airport from the airline on the day of your departure – please check with your airline for more information.

If you are a US citizen, American permanent resident, or hold any type of American Visa and are considering travelling to Cuba, please refer to the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs website for information. With the latest sanctions in place visa options for travel to Cuba have been limited further and you may also require to obtain a license for your travel.

Visas are the responsibility of the individual traveller.

When is the best time to visit Cuba?2020-12-14T18:05:05+08:00

Cuba has 2 distinct seasons – the wet season from ato October, with the hottest and wettest months being June, July and August. And the Dry Season from November to April, where some nights can be a ‘chilli’ 16 degrees. Tropical storms and hurricanes are more prevalent in September and October but rarely cause problems for travelers.

Do you have flexible payment options?2021-07-05T17:55:25+08:00

We understand that booking a holiday is not easy currently, which is why we offer flexible payment options.

Interest-free payment plans are available on the Company website. For any alternative payment arrangements, a request may be made to the Company for consideration. No matter the payment arrangement, the final payment must be paid 28 days prior to departure.

You are able to change your trip with no change fee up to 28 days before the scheduled departure date.

For full Booking Terms and Conditions, please read our T&Cs here.

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