Cuba is certainly not the place you head off to for a weekend shopping spree. One of the things I love about it most. But it is the perfect place to pick up something individual made for your liking by one of Cuba’s many talents.

When you join one of our photography tours, you will get an amazing photography portfolio of your trip to Cuba that will tell a story like nothing else and will be most unique as it was created by you with the assistance of fantastic photo experts helping you along the way and our local guides adding their story to the picture. Imagine that photo album!

Cuban Rum

There are of course other iconic items you may want to consider…I’ll give you a few hints, let’s start with Cuban Rum! I was pleasantly surprised that during the pandemic, the selection of Cuban Rums in Australian Bottleshops have increased! We don’t just have the three year old white rum to make mojitos with these days. We can now get the Havana Club Especial and seven year old version as well as Santiago de Cuba Rum as well. So when it comes to your rum selection I’d recommend to go for something you cannot buy at home. Havana Club Seleccion de Maestro, Smokey or spiced are not widely available (at least not here) so well worth the trip into one of Havana’s hotel Rum shops that stock it.

Cuban Coffee

While we are on drinks, Cuban Coffee is absolutely amazing! Of course if you wanted to replicate a Cafecito when you get home, it’s not quite the same without a true Cuban brew. Across the island, coffee beans are produced with varying soil types, climate and roasting methods contributing to distinct flavors. You can by them from the farmers in Vinales, or may be even some or the rural casa owners who grow their own. They are purely delicious. But it is unfortunately not something that all places allow in automatically and not in all forms. Certainly worth the look into the way you can take some of this deliciousness home with you.

Cuban Cigar

Cuban Cigars

Of course when we go to Cuba we all think of Cigars. Tobacco farms are most definitely an item on the itinerary. But can you take any home? It’s best to check your country’s travel authorities’ website as each place differs and in some instances you may need to pay a duty fee – same goes with alcohol. See some of the links below:

US: Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the CBP website.

Australia: Australian Border Force

UK: Gov.UK

Canada: Customs

If all else fails, you’ll just have to enjoy the taste testing in Cuba and return for a visit.

What are things that you can most definitely take home?

Nils Navarro Art

Cuban Art

There are some amazing artists around Cuba. Whether you like painting or sculptures you will most definitely find a piece that will grab your heart. While you are choosing, learn from the artist – their stories behind their work are inspiring and the colors will light up the space you put the artwork into! From Havana to Trinidad to Cienfuegos to Camaguey, you will find amazing talents about.

One thing you may need to consider… what is the piece of art made of? Wood can be an issue in some places.

Cuban Musician

Cuban Fashion

Whether it’s jewellery, clothing or accessories, there will be something in Cuba you can find. We especially love the hand made, unique pieces by ConretarteCuba or the beautiful jewellery by Katy Ocana on display at Malecon663 in Havana. We love supporting these talented individuals, and it feels even better when your unique piece is noticed and you can say it was made in Cuba.

Cuban Music

You can’t deny it! When those tune come on, you automatically sway those hips… Especially if you had a glass or two of Cuban rum to go with it. So don’t limit the experience to Cuba only. When you hear a talented live band playing in any venue and you like what they play, feel free to get their CDs.

I tell you, nothing puts a smile on your face quicker than some of this uplifting music. Perfect to bring back the vacation feel at any time.

You know what to take home now… Just have to come for a visit to grab one of each! Find out about our tours.