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Looking for a unique and engaging holiday?

An immersive experience with Simply Cuba is the perfect thing for those who are passionate about creating memories on their travels. Whether it’s a photography adventure, a nature discovery or a taste of all things Cuba, our expert photography instructors and local guides will showcase the rich history and culture whilst exploring this amazing island, capturing moments that won’t be forgotten!

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It’s an adventure!

Experience our unique blend of education and exploration – it will change how you see the world around you! Join us for an unforgettable journey that will inspire creativity and curiosity.

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Bring your camera and join our local guides and photo experts for an intimate small group adventure to capture the majestic mountains, crystal clear waters, colourful architecture and vibrant culture of Cuba.

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We know your time off is valuable, thus we strive to create unique travel experiences, with all logistical and safety concerns handled on your Cuba holiday. We don’t outsource and select our service providers through vetting them ourselves. We keep our promises and are committed to doing business the right way.



With our local expertise, dedication to personalized service, and expert photography guides, we build immersive trips that delight and transform the way you see Cuba. All our trips are designed to create bonds, build connections and leave you with memories lasting a lifetime. You may arrive as a tourist but will leave as a friend.

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Our aim is to create a win-win way of travel that will have a long-lasting positive effect on the communities we visit. It’s more than a vacation, it’s an opportunity to give back and to leave the world a better place. Our trips are designed to empower local communities, foster relationships, and protect the environment.


Cuba has been voted most picturesque country in the world, no wonder it is a popular destination for travelers world wide.
While the cars, architecture and landscapes are amazing, it’s the Cuban people that provide the magical vibe!

We choose to stay at local Casas, they not only provides us with a much more intimate experience as we interact and engage with local families each day, but it is one of the ways where we can make sure that the money we spend in Cuba goes to the families that need it.

If anyone is considering a trip to Cuba my wife and I would wholeheartedly recommend Simply Cuba Tours. Orsolya Bartalis, the owner, was able to answer all our questions, remove any misgivings we may have had and guided us through the formalities before our departure. The tour itself was interesting and varied and provided an excellent introduction to this fascinating and often misunderstood country. Staying in private homes or small b&bs is a great way to have contact with the locals. Our guide/driver was very knowledgeable – not only about the history but also on the flora and fauna. Ten out of ten to everyone.

John and Erica

Yoanis was fantastic because he seemed as much just a local as a guide. Spending time with him just felt like I was spending time in Cuba with Cubans – while he had so much knowledge, what impressed me more was his ability to allow me to immerse myself into Cuban life. He knew all the answers to my questions, but more than that, I felt that by spending time with him, I was able to truly understand what it is to be Cuban.


Our driver was fantastic! On time and very courteous. Thank you so much for all your help Will definitely recommend you to our friends and family travelling to Cuba.


Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this company. Our personalised tour was professionally organized, transport and accommodation were comfortable and more than adequate. The tour guide was experienced and exceptional with local knowledge.

Can’t fault this company.

Mario and Mary-Anne

We went on a birding photography tour with Orsolya and Yoanis (the owners) and a few other travellers that were in our group and it was such an incredible experience. My wife and I are Canadians and we have never been to Cuba before and our trip itinerary was organized perfectly where we got to stay at lovely home stays to support the locals and we got to go to all of the hidden spots to find endemic bird species. Highly recommend joining Simply Cuba Tours on any of their adventures. I will be back to do their Scuba diving tour with underwater photography very soon. It was really nice to see how they are giving back to the locals and creating really fun small group experiences.


We had an absolutely delightful time! Our guide, Yunior was simply amazing. The casas we stayed at were all fantastic. The families we stayed with were lovely and the breakfasts were absolutely delicious. Lily and her husband in Havana were incredibly helpful and made our stay truly fantastic. Plus the view from the casa during breakfast was absolutely breathtaking. In Cienfuegos the owner was super friendly and also highly skilled in the kitchen.

Overall our trip was filled with wonderful experiences and amazing hospitality.

Glenn and Joanne

Yunior was the Best!!! Amazing Tour <3


Yoanis is a great guide, we enjoyed a few capirinhas with him in Havana. We had a small family group for a tailor made day tour in Havana with the added challenge of a wheelchair user. It was great value and fantastic personalised service. Thanks again.


I can’t thank you and Yoanis enough for this wonderful experience. Yoanis is so generous with his knowledge and the various activities and experiences were first rate. I loved the salsa lesson, the snorkelling, and seeing the different architectures of the various towns. I also very much enjoyed learning about Cuba’s history, and am saddened that such a wonderful country should be suffering such hard times.

With regard to the food, there was plenty of food. I must say that on the last breakfast in Vinales when we were served grapefruit, I was very glad that Yoanis doesn’t like it, so I ate the lot and loved it.

I wish you and Yoanis all the best in your venture, and I am sure you will be a great success. I hope that one day you can travel to Melbourne and we can meet again.


We had a great trip to Cuba.

Meet at the airport by Yoell and had a pleasant journey to Varadero.  

Picked up on the Sunday morning and met Yovani and headed on our way. A few welcome stops to break the journey i.e. the museum and a unexpected but welcome visit to the crocodile farm. Very good conversation with Yovani throughout the journey, as he shared he’s insights on Cuban history.

Cienfuegos was a lovely town to visit, and we were brought to a fabulous restaurant that evening. The accommodation was excellent and host very friendly, would highly recommend for any visitors in the future.  

Lastly the classic car tour is probably an must do for everyone visiting Havana.

In summary, it was a fantastic trip. Yovani did a great job a I would recommend for any future tours. I also would like to add a word for the driver, he was excellent


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