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Group Size – 6-8 People

Trip Dates – Set for each tour
Fitness – Level Easy/Moderate

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Cuba with Us!

As the leading experts in small group tours, we guarantee you an extraordinary experience filled with magic and authenticity. With our in-depth knowledge and strong local connections, we provide an immersive adventure that lets you truly discover the heart and soul of Cuba.

Join our exclusive tour, carefully designed to just 8 travelers*, and dive into the enchanting world of this long-hidden Caribbean treasure. Don’t pass up this incredible opportunity to explore a country that has captured the world’s attention with its stunning beauty, captivating music, and intriguing culture.

Book your once-in-a-lifetime adventure with us today and savor every moment of this extraordinary journey.

See Our Cuba Itineraries

Simply Cuba Tour

Discover the abundance of natural wonders, exciting culture, historic landmarks, energetic dance scene and Cuban life with your local guide…

Soul of Cuba Tour

Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Cuba as you discover a unique collision of culture and natural beauty and immerse yourself in ‘island life’, with everything from cooking, dancing, cocktail making and more…

Havana streets

Cuba Explorer Tour

Embark on an incredible journey to Cuba, where you’ll be fully immersed in the vibrant culture and embraced by the heart-warming people. Get ready to experience pure enchantment as you witness the captivating beauty that awaits you!

Gardens of the Queen 

Experience two unique Cuban worlds in one incredible adventure! Immerse yourself on the liveaboard dive among the breathtaking Gardens of the Queen, then explore and discover all that Cuba has to offer.

Cuba Diving Tour

Cuban reefs are little explored and undisturbed with pristine, warm, balmy waters and great visibility to provide the perfect underwater playground awaiting you to discover it…

Cuba Birding Tour

Discover the rich birdlife this island has to offer, with our local birding specialist to help you spot the most beautiful birds. It’s certainly a destination beckoning discovery…

Are you having trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for?

We have the perfect solution for you – create a bespoke itinerary just for yourself! With the help of local experts, you can plan every detail of your trip and experience the most authentic way to see Cuba. Head to our Bespoke Itineraries page to find out more.

Don’t settle for anything less than a personalized and unforgettable adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Simply Cuba Tours

Our local Cuban guides have a wealth of experience in arranging and running sustainable small group tours in Cuba. They are renowned for their energy, enthusiasm, down to earth style, passion and commitment to providing the ultimate life time experience on your trip in Cuba.

We believe that the recipe for a successful small group tour is simple: a well-planned itinerary with smooth running ground operations, comfortable accommodation, great food, a small group with low participant to leader and expert ratio, and, most importantly, personable, friendly tour leaders and photography experts with the necessary experience and expertise to make each tour a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding adventure – and we strive to achieve this with every single tour that we offer.

What's the main focus of your tours?

The primary focus of all of our tours is to provide an authentic Cuban cultural experience.

Secondary to that our focus will depend on the theme of the tour you have decided to join. Our Photography tours will be focusing on assisting you with building an amazing Cuban photographic portfolio, whether of the stunning birdlife, the untouched waters, magical portraits or amazing architecture.

We also delve into general natural history, may visit sites of significant historical or cultural importance, enjoy some more leisurely fun activities.

Some tours may not provide a photography focus, they will still ensure a cultural immersion and plenty of photographic opportunities, without the expert guidance.

Our detailed itineraries provide clear information on each tour, down to the details of each day of the tour.

My partner is not a diver, can he still join the diving tour?

Most certainly. Please let us know at the time of booking whether your partner wishes to have the option to snorkel whilst you are diving or simply enjoy some beach time. Both of those can be accommodated.

Do you have a birding etiquette for your birding/birding photography tour?

At Simply Cuba, we are constantly striving to provide birding tours of the highest quality and would hope that every birder would familiarise themselves with these general guidelines in order to ensure a more enjoyable tour for everyone on board.

Many of our travellers are avid birders/bird photographers and often have similar goals to many of the other group participants; however, people are different and although the common denominator on our trips is seeing birds, we do find that general group interests, personalities, behaviour etc. can differ markedly from person to person and from group to group. We ate Simply Cuba Tours take dynamics very seriously and understand that healthy group dynamics lead to successful, homogenous tours that can be enjoyed to their full potential.

Trail Rotation – Rotating on a narrow trail every three or so minutes allows everyone an opportunity to be at the front of the trail for a period of time. The front person will step aside after three minutes and, allowing the rest of the group to pass, join up again with the group at the rear of the line. The guide will always be at the front of the line;

We would also like to point out that it is inappropriate to walk in front of the leader whilst birding. It is important for the leader to have as unobstructed a view as possible, so they can find and identify birds. Once the bird is viewable, the leader will move out of the way as much as possible to ensure all our participants can see the bird and on a photography tour, capture them through their lens.

Talking on Trails – Please keep noise levels to a minimum while we are birding, this includes roads and trails. High noise levels make it difficult for the leader to pick out those critical calls and are also likely to have a negative impact on the number of birds and general wildlife you are likely to encounter, as generally, these animals prefer a quiet, natural environment. Constant chatter on trails can also be rather annoying to those who are also trying to appreciate the tranquility of the surroundings. However, at the same time, we do want our participants to enjoy themselves and we understand that tours are a social event; therefore, use your discretion in deciding when it’s appropriate to engage in a conversation with your leader/s or fellow participants.

The odd bit of movement or shuffling when you are by yourself birding is often okay and does not have such a huge impact on your chances of obtaining a sighting; however, when you are in a group and you multiply everyone’s movement and shuffles by six or eight people, it quickly adds up to a rather disturbing volume, which is not conducive to seeing the special species that the group are hoping to find.

Wide-brimmed Hats – Please make sure wide-brimmed hats are not worn as it can significantly reduce the visibility of participants standing or crouching behind you.

Appropriate Clothing – This is another topic that can cause a fair bit of debate and there are a number of theories on the topic. As a general rule, though: dark, neutral colours such as browns, greys, blacks, dark blue, dark green and khaki are preferable. Bright colours such as yellows, white, pale blues, pale greens, pinks, red and oranges are not recommended, especially while birding in forested zones. We find that the combination of wearing the appropriate clothing while taking careful measures to not talk and not move too abruptly helps significantly when searching for forest skulkers. Other items of clothing such as rain pants that crinkle while walking through a forest are also detrimental to the group’s success of finding birds close to the trail, especially some of the more shy forest species.

The same goes for rain boots such neos and rain jackets, which can make loud noises while walking through a quiet rainforest. Please be very careful about the items of clothing you pack for your tour and be aware of the noise levels your clothing can have. There is a huge range of gear out there to choose from with most of the options being quiet and thus, birding friendly.

What’s your group size?

Most of our tours are between 6 and 8 participants. Our non-photography tours may go up to 12 people, depending on their focus. Birding and Diving related tours will never go over 8 participants.

We will always have 1 local tour leader on our tour and on our photography tours, you will also have an expert photography advisor.

Do you have flexible payment options?

We understand that booking a holiday is not easy currently, which is why we offer flexible payment options.

Interest-free payment plans are available on the Company website. For any alternative payment arrangements, a request may be made to the Company for consideration. No matter the payment arrangement, the final payment must be paid 28 days prior to departure.

You are able to change your trip with no change fee up to 28 days before the scheduled departure date.

For full Booking Terms and Conditions, please read our T&Cs here.

For more Frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQ Page.

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