Why tour with us

We are Local

Our founder and the island team are all Cuban, Cuba is all that we do. We meet the needs of each traveller with professionalism and years of experience, and with our local expertise and insider access we create rich cultural experiences memorable for a lifetime.

Lack of information in Cuba can make it difficult to plan and ensure your expectations are met. Cuba is literally in our blood. We know the language, the customs, the culture, the best dishes to order, the best spot for salsa dancing on a weeknight and how to avoid the tourist traps.

Safety is our Number one priority

We believe that preparing for a smooth and safe trip starts with the planning stage, thus we provide you with resources to prepare for your trip. Among other items, we will provide you with an Essential Trip Information guide and a packing list to get you going. Our Travel blog and video library provide you with inspiring articles and helpful travel tips so that you can focus on enjoying the journey.

Then we take care of you from the time you arrive until the moment you leave. Just relax as we take care of every detail for you.

If at any stage you have any questions, we are just a phone call away.

Yoanis Birding Guide
Woman in Havana

We provide the Best Value

We have tried and tested all we offer, meaning that we personally driven from one end of Cuba to the other to bring you the best accommodation, restaurants and experiences. We engage with our supplier directly to ensure that your expectations are met and that the payment goes directly to those who provide you with the service.

Our Photography experts are individually interviewed and selected due to their outstanding expertise and their personal mission of nature conversation and being ambassadors for their causes.

We hold ourselves accountable

We walk our talk and uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism. We are transparent with every partner and ensure that our tours are 100% legally compliant with travel to Cuba laws and restrictions.

To provide you with more than a holiday! We want to show you the real Cuba through culturally rich experiences. Our trips provide you with immersive experiences and authentic interactions with locals and are designed to create bonds, empower local communities and protect the environment leaving you with memories that will last long after you leave the island.

At the same time, our desire to make a positive impact in Cuba, and the world, is one of the founding principles of the company, one that you help us bring to life.

How do we achieve that?

We support private Businesses

Each trip directly supports Cuban entrepreneurs, from the driver who picks you up at the airport, to your accommodation, local restaurants, tobacco farmers,  to the up-and-coming local artists you meet, bringing you the best experience.

The Best Culinary Experiences

Through your tour you will visit a diverse range of paladares, from Yamil, the restaurant owner who took a punt and turned his apartment into a restaurant to follow a dream, to visiting the organic farm in Vinale or enjoying our interactive cooking class and rooftop dining in Trinidad. Taste the best of Cuba with food that is always fresh and made to order.

The Best Accommodation

We have gone door-to-door to find the very best properties that Cuba has to offer. Whether it’s the boutique hotels of Havana, views of the mogotes in Vinales, the most delicious breakfast of Trinidad, we hand selected the best on offer in each area to ensure the comfort of your stay.

Safe, air-conditioned transport

You will be professionally chauffeured in an air-conditioned private car, van or motor coach. We only hire the best local drivers, with exceptional driving record, who enjoy getting to know our guests and many of whom share their own stories with our guests.

Cigar Rolling Cuba

Local Guides providing Personalized Service

All our guides are local, licensed with extensive experience and outstanding customer service record. We also ensure that they receive training, a sustainable wage above the national average and access to professional development resources.

Throughout your stay, we remain at your service and can assist with anything from restaurant reservations to the local tattoo artist to tickets to arranging marriage proposals. Our team is always available should you have any problems during your time in the country.

Getting to know the locals is often the most meaningful part of our guests’ journeys. Travelers who come to Cuba on their own often miss out on the deep cultural experiences, we encourage you to truly get to know the locals, for a richer and more meaningful experience. The connections you make will be genuine, bring you a deeper understanding and new level of gratitude and will inspire you long after you leave the island.

For our US Travelers

Our tours comply with US law and fall under the Support for the Cuban People license General License 31 CFR § 515.574. Our goal is to promote independent activity intended to strengthen and support civil society in Cuba and constitute a full-time schedule that enhances contact with the Cuban people and results in meaningful interaction between ourselves and individuals in Cuba.


We donate to Humanitarian Organisations

Simply Cuba has donated medication to Cuba during the pandemic, and a portion of proceeds from your trip are donated to humanitarian organizations like Together for Cuba, an organization that provides support via various programs to Cuban hospitals and society.

We protect the environment

Nature is close to our hearts. In Yoanis’ words – ‘I cannot idly sit by and do nothing, thus I want to tell their (birds’) story through our tours and photography in the hope that the more people learn and understand, the better off our planet will be. I wish to ignite their passion to protect our environment.’

As a company committed to creating trips that will endure in the future, we have an ethical responsibility to minimize the environmental footprint of our company and our travellers. To help our guests travel responsibly, we provide tips and resources to prepare for their trip and we also use the practices we preach.

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