Are you a travel host wanting to bring your group to Cuba providing an authentic experience? We can help!

Even in the day of many search engines and online booking platforms, Cuba travel can be confusing, complicated and challenging to organise from afar. Sure, you could hop on to AirBnB to wade through the accommodation and experience options or ask Google for the best restaurants in your area. But let’s face it, most of Cuba’s best offerings are not yet on the internet and nothing can replace local knowledge.

Imagine having someone on your team who can help with sorting out visas, itinerary, in-country logistics for your group. Someone who knows the local culture, currency, worries or concerns, can help you escape the scams, making the organisation and coordination of your group trip a breeze. Someone who is with your group 24/7 on your tour to alleviate your group travel stresses. That’s where we come in.

We can ensure an ethical and responsible way of travel, promising quality travel experiences. We also always ensure that those who do the hard work are fairly remunerated and most importantly they receive your money, which in a country like this is incredibly important.

Why trust us to plan your trip?

Simply Cuba Tours is founded by a Cuban Tour guide, Yoanis and an Australian traveller, Orsolya with years of international mobility experience. We are in a unique position of having insider knowledge, experience, connections and the understanding of international travellers.

We specialise in sustainable & interactive experiences with a professional itinerary. We have hand selected private chauffeurs, home stays (casa particulars) and activities to ensure an authentic cultural immersion, fun and adventure on your trip. We want to work with groups that are looking for more than just the regular tourist experience.

We also stay with you every step of the way, from putting together your itinerary, to providing assistance in preparing you and your group for your trip, to having our local tour leader with you through till the conclusion of your tour to ensure seamless travel.

BUT if you want to stay in a hotel, sit on the beach and not interact with the locals, we can’t help you. If your group is ready to see authenticity, different aspects of the culture, eat great food, support the local communities, and have an ‘experience’ rather than just a ‘holiday’, let’s talk.

How does the planning process work ?

Step 1
Let’s schedule a call to discuss your trip specifics in more detail. This is a great chance for us to meet each other and assess if we’ll be a good fit. This is totally free of charge!

You can book a time here for a Zoom call, but if Zoom is not your thing we can hop on any other platfrom that works for you or even have a coffee if we’re close!

Step 2
If you decide to create your small group tour with us, we ask for a non-refundable Cuba Tour Itinerary Design payment of EUR300. Then allow us just 3 working days to get your bespoke Cuba Tour Itinerary to you.

Your itinerary will provide personalised, day by day breakdown of locations, activities experiences and other inclusions. We take care of every trip detail on behalf of your client from restaurant and accommodation reservations to tour guides, drivers and activities.

If required, we can also assist with obtaining Cuban Tourist visas.

Step 3
We will book a call with you to go through your itinerary in detail and answer any questions, concerns or amendments. After this call, we will prepare your finalised itinerary for your tour.

Step 4
Once we’ve finalized your plan, we can lock in a date for your tour and start making arrangements. We can assist in sharing your trip, with your logo to assist with marketing if you require. Once you lock in a date for your tour, we will use 50% of the Cuba Tour Itinerary Design fee towards your trip costs.

Step 5
Once your tour dates are booked, we are at your fingertips from the very beginning offering training and materials to help you sell Cuba. Among other things, we will provide you with Essential tour information booklet, packing list and other tips and tricks to prepare your travellers for your tour.

Step 6
A month prior to your arrival we confirm your numbers and finalise your tour bookings and prepare for your arrival.

Step 7
We collect you and your group at the airport for your Cuban adventure.

Cuba is unlike any destination offering travelers rich cultural experiences they cannot find anywhere in the world, this also brings with it a level of complexity to arrange a trip here. Do not leave your clients’ experience in Cuba to chance.

With our extensive experience and local knowledge, we quarantee to meet the needs of each traveler and provide personalized service around the clock. With all details taken care off for your itinerary, we make Cuba travel simple and stress free.

Looking forward to a great collaboration with you!