I have to say I got a tad bit excited about joining Shane Gross on our Scuba Cuba Underwater Photography Tour in February and I went shopping for some gear. I like simple, easy, lightweight and versatile, which is why a GoPro was on the list of items to procure. But let’s face it, it is never that easy. Just like with any other camera, once you have the GoPro you have to consider, where are you going to use it, how are you going to use it to then think about what else you may need to ensure a great outcome.

The first decision in the process was which which model to choose? After research and debates, I ended up with a GoPro Hero 9. According to TechRadar, the GoPro Hero 9 Black is the most powerful and versatile action camera you can buy. Its 5K video delivers more detail, offers a front display that is great for vlogging (watch this space!), it has an improved battery life compare to its predecessor and delivers some new software tricks.

One of the best thing for me is that it is waterproof up to 33 feet/10m. However, if you want to go beyond that depth you’ll need a quality waterproof case for it.

One thing with GoPro, is that you need to get GoPro accessories to go with it. Let’s look at them.

The GoPro Hero 9 Protective housing is your friend on land and at sea. It helps protect your camera whilst allowing you to take action. When you have this casing on your GoPro camera you can take it to as deep as 60 metres.  The front LCD screen of the camera always remains accessible so you’ll never miss out on the action shots. Easy access back door and upgraded rubber seal make it ideal for diving, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports activities.

The Float Stick

Whilst its name didn’t make it very exciting, the anecdote that came with it from our sales guy certainly made a good reason for having this item. He happened to drop his GoPro whilst diving, but luckily it had the float stick attached, which allowed the device to float to the surface, where he could easily recover it.

It is to be noted that whilst the Float stick is designed to float, and help your GoPro stay afloat, it also has a hand loop so that you can attach it to your wrist.

The official GoPro Handler Floating Hand Grip is designed to give better control of your GoPro camera so that you can shoot in and around the water worry-free! It features a bright orange cap piece which makes it easy-to-spot in case you happen to drop it in the water. Its comfortable, non-slip construction helps you maintain a secure grip while holding it.

Dome Port Housing

This baby looks exciting! It is the perfect gear to help you shoot amazing images and videos half above the water and half below.

Soonsun Dome port housing is compatible with GoPro Hero 9 and 10. It boasts a front LCD View Window providing a convenient way to check camera mode through the acrylic dome. It’s attached to a rubber covered floating handgrip – we just discussed how great they are, and it has an easy shutter button for the convenience to capture your cool shots instantly and stably.

Red Filter Lens

This is not necessary if you are staying close to the surface, but remember the water filters out the colours as you go deeper. Reds get totally lost, which is why you may want to consider a Red Filter, as it will enhance the picture and bring back the reds into picture.

The Soonsun professional 3 in 1 diving filter enhances colors and improves contrast in various underwater video and photography conditions.it easily snaps on and of your housing, can be looped to the side so you don’t lose them as you are diving.

SD Card

Let’s not forget the SD Card so you can actually shoot some footages! After all, the last you’d want is discovering that your SD card is full while you’re capturing your amazing diving adventure.

A Scan Disk memory card will give you around 6 hours worth of footage. That will get you started!

What a fun shopping trip that was! You can do it yourself with ease of clicking on the links provided. Just so you know, we get commissions for purchases made through the product links in this post.

Now let’s consider a few hints before you get going underwater with your GoPro:

  • Ensure that your GoPro battery is fully charged before heading out diving.
  • Disable bluetooth and WiFi while diving to save battery.
  • Ensure enough space in SD Card whilst out and about – especially underwater as you cannot change your memory card.
  • Avoid filming against the sun to achieve great quality and colors.
  • Keep your camera steady – you can use your accessories to their advantage.

At Simply Cuba, we offer scuba diving photography tours that are perfect for advanced divers and beginners alike. With our experienced guides & instructors by your side at all times, you’ll learn the basics of underwater photography or take it to the next level with hands-on instruction from world class photography experts like Shane Gross who can help capture those amazing memories. If this sounds like something fun you want to try, contact us now for more information about booking one of our upcoming trips!