Cuba has long captured travellers’ imaginations with its old world charm, rich culture, and history frozen in time. As one of the last destinations untouched by mass tourism, Havana retains the aura and mystique that defined Cuba in the 1950s heyday. For adventurous couples seeking an off-the-beaten path escape from modern life, a romantic stay in Havana promises breathtaking discoveries around every corner. Its timeworn architecture, vintage American cars, lilting Spanish and sights like the Malecon sea wall make Havana feel like stepping back in a bygone era. In this special city, you’ll find moments to reconnect as a couple amidst the rhythms of daily Cuban life, charming locals and serendipitous experiences unlike anywhere else. Havana holds untold stories just waiting to unfold during your trip together in this inspirational city.

So where should you stay on your romantic getaway?

VOYA Hotel

Discover a hidden gem just 15 minutes from the international airport. Experience the ultimate red carpet treatment at VOYA, a luxury lifestyle concept that brings the vibrant essence of Havana into the 21st century. The fully restored mansion from 1925 offers an authentic and cultural experience, where personalized service, impeccable design, and laidback luxury redefine hospitality.

Feel like part of the family as you enjoy well-appointed rooms, incredibly comfortable king-size beds, luxurious rain showers, and private balconies. Immerse yourself in the old-world charm that makes Cuba, Cuba. But that’s just the beginning.

Indulge in delectable cuisine at Brasserie 255, this fabulous restaurant that takes Mediterranean and Cuban flavors to new heights. From quick bites to elaborate dinners, the bright and romantic setting will continuously surprise and delight you.

As if that wasn’t enough, they offer the perfect way to explore the city in style. Hop into a Chevrolet Bel Air and embark on a romantic sunset drive through this fabulous destination. Get ready to view the world through rose-colored glasses.

If you are up for a special romantic getaway, experience the allure of VOYA, where luxury, comfort, and unforgettable moments await.

Hostal Calis

Discover CALIS Habana Boutique Hostel, a hidden gem just steps away from the vibrant Malecón Habanero and the heart of Vedado. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the completely renovated 20th-century building, where classic meets contemporary in stunning interior design.

Indulge in the comfort of one of the eight cozy rooms, each tastefully designed to create a haven of relaxation. Start your day with a delicious breakfast in the charming dining area, and later, you can join in delightful dinners and events. Unwind in our inviting Lobby-Bar or find serenity in our pleasant smoking area – perfect spot for a cigar and rum pairing.

At CALIS Habana Boutique Hostel, the team strives to create an exceptional experience for you, from the moment you book. Whether it’s the exquisitely designed bathrooms, the well-stocked minibar, or the meticulous attention to detail, every element is thoughtfully curated to make your stay truly magnificent.

Chateau Cuba

Discover the epitome of style at Chateau Blanc, Cuba’s unrivaled kosher boutique hotel. Immerse yourself in the ultimate kosher dining experience while enjoying the comforts of a home away from home. Nestled in the vibrant Nuevo Vedado district, just moments away from the pulsating heart of Havana, this exquisite hotel offers an unrivaled taste of this world-class capital.

Experience the rich tapestry of Jewish Cuba at Chateau Blanc, where inclusivity and cultural exploration are at the forefront. Whether you come from a Jewish background or follow a different faith, they warmly welcome you to delve into this captivating aspect of Cuban culture.

Just like the legendary cigars and rum, Cuba is a treasure to be savored slowly. Take your time to fully immerse yourself in the sights, scents, and sounds of the city. And when you’re ready for some well-deserved relaxation, retreat to the elegance of Chateau Blanc. Indulge in a refreshing cocktail and delightful music at their renowned Posh lounge. Unwind with a good book or engage in a friendly board game in the cozy common areas. Or simply bask in the tranquility of one of the spacious terraces and let the gentle sea breeze sway your cares away.

The possibilities are endless, so you must come and experience it all for yourself. Recognized by Lux Life as Havana’s top luxury hotel, Chateau Blanc is a must-visit destination for those seeking the ultimate spoils.

Hotel Candil 

Experience personalized attention from the moment you make a reservation at this boutique hotel. The attentive staff is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and meeting all of your needs. With only six rooms, you are guaranteed to receive a truly personalized experience.

Imagine a grand old house, from the 1940s lovingly restored to its original splendor. El Candil is a charming oasis in the heart of El Vedado, blending carefully restored details with modern conveniences. From the elegant front porch to the cozy bedrooms filled with antique furnishings, no detail has been overlooked.

Located in Havana’s most exclusive neighborhood, El Candil offers a unique stay that transports you back in time to the turn of the century. With its ideal location, you can easily explore Old Havana and other attractions around the city.

AS Residence

Experience the extraordinary at A|S Boutique Residency, a privately-owned colonial mansion in the heart of Old Havana, Cuba. Owned by international fashion designer Andre Visser and his partner, professional dancer Sandy Solano, this exclusive boutique hotel is a true hidden gem.

As you step into this magnificent residence, you’ll be captivated by its blend of history and modernity. The six rooms and suites, along with the stunning public spaces, feature a chic and minimalistic design with a touch of Cuban heritage. Every corner is adorned with refined fashion and art, reflecting the creative spirit of its owners.

What sets A|S Boutique Residency apart is its unique concept, bridging the gap between a luxurious hotel and a comfortable home. Here, you’ll experience the intimacy and personal approach of a small hotel, combined with the elegance and allure of a world-class establishment. The attentive and bespoke service will make you feel truly pampered.


This ‘adult-only’ hotel attracts a tribe of like-minded travelers who appreciate contemporary aesthetics, effortless style, and the pleasure of discovering hidden treasures. It offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere, where you can indulge in local ingredients and savor the flavors of Havana.

Step into this haven of sophistication and let yourself be enchanted by its timeless appeal. This is not just a place to stay; it’s an experience that will leave a lasting impression. Come and discover the indelible memory that awaits at A|S Boutique Residency – your sanctuary of comfort and style in the historic heart of Old Havana.

Malecon 663

Experience the vibrant fusion of music, cocktails, art, and food at Malecón 663 Boutique Hotel. This stunning creation by a Cuban musician and French business partner is where the magic happens. Each room is a unique gem, and the service is unmatched.

Prepare to be captivated! Located on the iconic Malecon with breathtaking views of Havana harbor, this place is a sensory delight. Sip on their incredible cocktails while enjoying the picture-perfect sunsets. And that’s just the beginning. The mouthwatering breakfasts, tantalizing snacks, and lively dinner service with live music bring the Cuban vibe to life.

But here’s the best part – you can learn to make these amazing cocktails, or lounge in the hot tub with a drink in hand, basking in the Caribbean sun. The choice is yours. The atmosphere here is vibrant and hip, making it the ultimate destination to truly enjoy.

Havana truly is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway with your significant other. The city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture make it a dreamy backdrop for any couple looking to reconnect and create unforgettable memories together. And with our list of the 6 best private boutique hotels, you are sure to find the perfect accommodation that matches your style and preference. So whether you are looking for a classical and elegant setting or a hip and trendy vibe, Havana has it all. With luxury at every corner and a great atmosphere that exudes romance, there is no doubt that Cuba’s capital city will leave you and your loved one in awe.

So why wait? Book your trip to Havana today and experience the magic of this captivating city firsthand. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable romantic adventure – join us in Cuba now!