About 300kms from Havana, this remote, yet amazing beach is situated in the western part of Cuba, in the Great Natural Park Guanahacabibes. This 50 000 ha wonderland is a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1987.

Legend has it that the place was named after a host of the local area, who used to look after pirates. When she died she was buried under the tallest palm tree with some pirate treasure, that is yet to be found.

It is a small settlement. With wonderfully intact countryside around the coast, is one of the most beautiful areas you can see in Cuba Tours. Apart from the diving camp, hotel, couple of restaurants and a bar literally there is nothing else here. But what it lacks on the surface it certainly makes up for below the waterline.

There is a deep swimming hole with an underground connection to the sea at the Ecological station where you can admire tropical fish. The coral world below the water surface is absolutely stunning. This area is one of the most protected biotopes in Cuba. From the depth of 5m, you can watch individual reef formations with rich fauna containing more than twenty coral species and plenty of coral fish; it is often possible to watch lobsters, crabs, and green morays in rocky holes.

The local coral walls are richly decorated with structures very attractive for divers in which you can watch wonderful colonies of black coral, large pillow or pipe sponge, and up to 2m-long gorgonian. As for the fish, you can see barracuda, various species of horse mackerel, snapper, grouper, and ray as well as nurse shark and occasionally a whale shark.

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