I have been carrying on about mojitos, but there are plenty more things to drink in Cuba! Like a Pina Colada with cinnamon on top… really that little hint of goodness takes this drink to a whole new level. My only problem with it is that just one of those is like eating three ice breams, completely fills you up. Which is why I prefer a refreshing mojito or an even more refreshing Caipirissima.

Caipirissima is a ram version of a caipirinha. Where it truly comes from, nobody really knows… rumour has it that it originated from Brasil, but you can find one in Cuba that is just as delicious.

How is it made? Well, best thing to ask the Caipirissima master, Yoanis to prepare one for us… and learn how it is done!

Quite easy, right?

Simply get a lime, cut it into pieces put it in a glass, add some sugar and smash. Then add your rum and ice, if you like it strong! Personally, I fall over after 2 if I have it like that. So in my version we have less rum and I like to add some sparkling water to lighten the load.

Here is the catch! Getting the balance right between the sweetness and the tartness of the lime can be a little challenge. It will take some time for you to get it right. A little trick – it may just be easier to do so by using sugar syrup. Something for you to experiment with.

It also makes a bit of difference whether you use ice cubes or crushed ice. From our experience it is much better to serve this drink over crushed ice.

Whilst we mention experimenting… The original version is a fantastic refreshing drink especially on a hot summer’s day. What we did try recently is adding a tad bit of a local lemon liquour – not a Limoncello, but may have to give that a go – which has lifted the flavours in this cocktail even further.

So on that note… let us know when you tried this cocktail, what do you think? The original or did you experiment further?

You don’t have to take our recipe for granted, join us on a tour and learn from the Cuban bar tenders how to make this delicious Cuban cocktail.