Discover Cuba’s hidden gem: Soroa

Soroa is a hidden gem only 85kms from Havana. With the sun glistening off of the beautiful flowing waters of the area, you will be amazed to see the rainbow rays shining off of the surface. This is

what awarded the region the affectionate nickname ‘The Rainbow of Cuba’. It is a gorgeous natural area and tiny settlement named after Antonio and Lorenzo Soroa, Spanish brothers from Guipuzcoa, who owned a 19th-century coffee plantation in these hills.

It is set in a beautiful valley, located on the edge of the Sierra del Rosario. It is the easternmost and highest section of the Cordillera de Guaniguanico. The region’s heavy rainfall (more than 1300mm annually) promotes the growth of tall trees and orchids. Soroa is considered a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco since 1985. It is rich in flora and fauna, includes lakes, rivers and waterfalls and is the perfect place for exploring and getting in touch with nature.

Amazing Orchid Garden

The most notable attraction in Soroa is the Soroa Orchid Garden. It was created by a Spaniard in 1943. The garden is fairly large and extends over a hillside with paths leading between large trees, ferns, and greenhouses. A nice variety of delicate, intricately colored orchids are on display in the greenhouses. The garden is home to over 6,000 ornamental plants and 700 species, 250 of which are native to Cuba. You need to experience the Orquideario with a guide.

Majestic Waterfall

This amazing place is also a home to Salto de Soroa a uniquely shaped waterfall that measures 22.95 metres. Hike up this majestically falls, surrounded by large trees for spectacular views or take a dip in the cool waters of the waterfalls natural swimming pools. While exploring Soroa, make sure you also visit the Mirador de Venus, a lookout that has spectacular views of the valley.

This amazing, untouched beauty is also the perfect place to find some of Cuba’s unique birdlife. There are more than 50 bird species in the tropical forests of Soroa, so get your binoculars ready as you fuel a passion for the birdlife.

Only since the revolution has this luxuriant region been developed for tourism. While it shares the same abundant flora as Las Terrazas, Soroa is generally quieter and receives less tourists, making it a perfect place to reconnect to nature and ground yourself.

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