Cuba, bringing you visions of beauty, music, intrigue and times of change. We bring you long term, reliable in-country relationships, and experienced local tour leaders, premium casas and a perfect mix of the bucket list dreams and the unexpected!

Blending historical influences, Cuba’s sensory world of art, music and gastronomy is mesmerising. Enjoy the pastel-hued villages, rum-scented squares and cigar plantations with a small group of like minded adventurers. Our guides will give you an insider’s view of Cuba, meeting local people and visiting local sites that the average traveller in Cuba doesn’t usually have a chance to see. – Learn how a small group tour can enhance the experience of Cuba.

Havana ooh nana… You will sure be leaving part of your heart in Havana! Such a vibrant, lively and mysterious city! Uncover it’s rich history of pirates, mobsters and colonialism… Independence wars, a revolution and continuous US trade embargo. Yet, despite all the struggles, you will find the kindest, most friendly and welcoming people here in the world. Whatever you do, make sure you arrive with an open mind and immerse yourself in the experience this city has to offer.

From here we take a mini pilgrimage to Santa Clara, a destination for Che Guevara worshipers to discover the life of one of Cuba’s greatest heroes. Then we move on to the largest outdoor museum that you have ever seen… Trinidad! Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, Cuba’s oldest and most enchanting city. This place is truly unique, with its mixture of history, mojitos, dance and art scene mixed with the charm of cobblestone streets, horsing carts, and an amazing colonial atmosphere.

This tour was designed with a balance of nature, culture and people in mind so you can truly relax and enjoy the ride.

After Trinidad we’ll visit Parque El Nicho to enjoy the lush greenery and pristine water falls, you may even choose to take a dip in these crystal clear waters before going to Cienfuegos, Paris of the Caribbean. A stunning natural bay, elegant and classical French architecture is really a sight to see. Enjoy a visit to a local artist to admire his work and learn about the efforts of keeping this town as beautiful as ever.

Even in Cuba, the times are changing. What we love about it the most – being a time capsule, the slow pace of life, the atmosphere created by the people are all reforming. If you want to have a Cuban experience as you have always imagined, you should go soon. 

From here move to the sites of the famous botched CIA landing in the Bay of Pigs. Snorkel in the amazing fish cave before finding yourself wondering through nature at its best in the mountains of Soroa to the crystal clear waters of Cayo Jutias – a stunning white sand beach with beautiful sea stars.

Experience Cuba in all its glory and discover the colours, cuisine, culture and natural beauty that make up this truly unique country of Vinales, this magnificent natural rural setting is far from Havana’s hustle and bustle. With traditional agricultural fields, mesmerising mogotes and plenty of bush tracks it is a perfect place to rewind and recharge. It is hard to put in words the beauty of this place. The adventures on this trip are just never ending!

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