Embarking on a responsible and environmentally-conscious trip isn’t all about choosing where to eat, sleep and visit. It also includes how and what to pack for your trip. How can you make sure you’re making the right choices and keeping your plastic waste and carbon footprint at bay?

Let’s face it, packing our bags is probably one of the worst tasks to do before travelling abroad. There’s always that worry in the back of your mind that you’ve forgotten something, especially for those packers who leave it till the last minute! We aim to help you not only feel prepared and ready to go, but also comfortable with the fact that your packing choices are helping you reduce plastic waste and your carbon footprint whilst traveling.

The best way to organise your needed packing items is to categories them into efficient little groups. Groups such as clothing, toiletries, medicines, snacks, carry-on essentials and photography gear. Remember, we are a sustainable tour company, these items provided are environmentally considered. We also encourage you to pack lightly, to reduce those carbon emissions. This also allows you to leave room to bring back some Cuban memories!