You know how there are some shots on Instagram that you feel like you have seen 100’s of times. Sometimes the slight difference is the people who took them or are in them. I am sharing these shots and I ask you, please be different on your next trip to Havana! There are plenty of things to see and do and take pictures of.

Of course you can take shots at these places too… But share something unique, share something different, share something from a new perspective that only caught your eye!

El Capitolio

The Capitolio is basically the parliament house of Cuba. It was built in 1929 and is quite similar of the White House in Washington DC. It’s been recently renovated so looks quite spectacular.

Should you choose to take shot the best time is around 8:30am as there aren’t many people around and the building is fully covered in sunlight.

Gran Teatro de la Habana

Look at all the birds with one stone… Gran Teatro de la Habana one of the most iconic buildings in the city and is also right next to the Capitolio. The exterior details of the building and its sculptures are beautiful. Moreover, you can visit the interior with a guide.

You’ll find a beautiful statue of Cuba’s firs ballet dancer, Alicia Alonso to whom the theatre is dedicated. The interiors look especially stunning at sunset time and if you did make it inside, the central staircase is just stunning!

Colourful Buildings

Post cards, banners, Instagram, movies has these buildings.. it’s an iconic shot and literally across the road from the Capitolio. You could try to grab a shot at the same time as you do the Capitolio, but these buildings would have shadows over it at same time, however later in the afternoon it can get quite crowded. So may be try at different times to see what comes out best. Good thing is, when you stay with us, you are in walking distance to these.

Classic Cars

Really this goes without saying… The only question is, where and what sort of car are you going to shoot? You’ll see them in front of the Capitolio, the row of colourful buildings, the theatre, plaza the revolucion, the Malecon, on the side streets, in front of the Morro Castle.

So my challenge to you is – bring a whole new angle when you are capturing these beauties.

Paladar La Guarida

Whether it is the staircase inside or the frame on the rooftop you would have seen the shots before. Of course whilst you are here, you must try the cocktails and the food.

The restaurant became famous in 1993 for the Oscar-nominated film Fresa y Chocolate. And as such it is highly popular among tourists, so it’s best to book ahead.  You never know who you run into as it is always full of important personalities and international stars.

There are two stair cases to choose from, one on the first floor and one on the ground floor – in case you wondered how come the mural with Fidel is missing on some. Of course if you are just going for the insta photo, go when the restaurant is not open.

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

The only true luxury hotel in Havana and in fact Cuba. Kempinski doesn’t just bring a truly elegant hotel, but also a stunning 360- degree view of all of Havana. From the Capitolio to Parque Central to the theatre you’ll capture a birds eye view of all. With sunset turning on the pink hues, it is the perfect time for those insta shots.

El Floridita

Experience the enchantment of Old Havana at La Bodeguita and El Floridita, where timeless ambiance meets world-renowned cocktails. Steeped in history and cherished by literary great Ernest Hemingway, this fish restaurant and cocktail bar stands at the crossroads of Calle Obispo and Calle Monserrate, next to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Savor the flavors of Cuba and delve into the past as you sip on a mojito or daiquiri, just like Hemingway did. Discover a place of magic and mystery, where every drink is an adventure in itself.

I have to say I don’t really like the images taken of this place, they never catch the atmosphere of this bar and the area. I am yet to see one that is, not just an image of this pink building…

Plaza de la Revolucion

Step into the heart of Havana and be awed by the sprawling beauty of the largest square in South America, spanning 12 km². This vibrant hotspot is nestled between the historic beauty of Havana Vieja and the modern charm of Vedado district. Gaze up at the towering José Martí Memorial, standing tall at 109 meters on one side of the square, while facing the faces of revolutionaries Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos on the other. But that’s not all, friends! Hop into one of the many brightly colored classic cars and journey through the bustling city on a truly unique city tour. For the ultimate experience, catch the stunning sunset light over the square, and don’t fret over crowds – this expansive square has ample space for all. Don’t miss out on the unforgettable energy and wonder of Havana’s grandest square.


There’s plenty to capture here! Either at sunset time, capturing an amazing sunset over the Havana Harbour, or during the day as the waves smash against the wall providing a stunning backdrop or capturing the ‘street party’ at night time. Can definitely get some shots along this strip.

Plaza de la Catedral

Considered one of the four main squares of Havana Vieja, it is famous above all for its Baroque cathedral dedicated to San Cristóbal. You can visit the interior of the cathedral for free during the day. In addition, you can climb the smaller of the two towers for a fee. Right now, at any time as Havana is so quiet. But once things are back to the swing of things, you want to get there early and beat the crowd.

Which is your favourite?