It is one of a kind, a perfectly preserved Spanish colonial settlement where the clocks stopped in 1850 and haven’t yet started. Most people recognize this city for its beautiful but crumbling yellow bell tower that graces the cityscape, but there is truly much more hidden in the streets of Trinidad. Declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1988, Cuba’s oldest and most enchanting ‘outdoor museum’ attracts busloads of visitors. Yet the cobblestone streets, horsing carts, well-kept colonial atmosphere with ornate buildings and garden terraces give this gorgeous city a romantic, old charm that is hard to beat.

When travelling to Cuba, a few nights in Trinidad is a must!

Ancon Beach

Crystal clear, calm, warm waters, white sand and a waiter to serve you cocktails only 10 minutes drive from Trinidad, makes this the perfect place to spend a day lounging by the sea and swimming in the Carribean. Best to go with your guide , who can explain the nuances of the landscape and save you from various scams that may be going on.

Valle de los Ingenios

Visit the 75 cane sugar mills that were operated using slave labor back in its hayday. The plantation

houses, watchtowers, sugar presses and the railway system remain intact. Sugar cane is nowadays rarely seen in the valley, but the remaining infrastructure and architecture stand as a testimony to the wealth it once created for Trinidad and development of the sugar industry in Cuba and the Caribbean. The highlight of the valley is Manaca Iznaga, climb the 45m tower here to gain amazing views of the valley and check the bell that was used to call the slaves to work.

Disco Ayala

Disco Ayala, also known La Cueva, is a dance club built into a natural cave. It is a favorite weekend spot for locals and the venturesome tourists that get wind of it by word of mouth. The cavernous

disco is located on the northern outskirts of town, about a 10-minute walk up a hill away from the center of Trinidad. If you want something in town Casa de la Musica is one of the classic venues. It is on the sweeping staircase beside the Iglesia Parroquial off Plaza Mayor. Take in the 10pm salsa show here or enjoy a salsa concert in this casa’s rear courtyard 

Plaza Mayor

Is the center of the historic quarter of this beautiful city and the most photographed. The mansions next to the square display Italian frescoes, porcelains, Spanish furniture and dazzling French

chandeliers. Among these remarkable buildings are the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, the Romantic Museum, the Municipal Historical Museum and the Ortiz Palace, a prestigious art gallery. It’s worth asking your guide to take you on a tour of cuba’s amazing museums!

Parque El Cubano

Hiking to the waterfall and swimming in its icy pool is the perfect break from the heat. Cimarrones de Javira is a 6 km round trail that delivers you to the heart of el Cubano, It begins with a small rope

bridge, on the other side, follow a the path that gently rises beside the river. Find shade among the canopy of the trees and enjoy colourful birds overhead. It’s an easy and well-trod path that allows

the mind to wonder. For more amazing natural wonders, you could hike to El Caburni or Vegas

Grande Waterfalls. Towering trees tangled up in lush green plants and wildflowers wrap the narrow trails, either of them providing the most beautiful hiking experience in this truly magical spot.

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