How Much Money to Bring

This question is a little like how much is a piece of string… It really comes down to, what is already included in your trip – meal, transfer, accommodation, activities, and what else you want to do or need to cover and anything you may want to buy?

Cuba is definitely not the place for a large spending spree. Unless of course you want to fill your place up with some amazing Cuban art!

What you do need to know about the money side is that CASH IS KING!

Any credit or debit cards issued in the US or US company will not work in Cuba – cuba travel.

If you are from Australia, make sure your bank knows that you are travelling and which countries you are travelling to. If they don’t know you left the country and you try to use your card, it will be blocked.

What currency is best

As for what currency, USD will attract around a 13% surcharge when you go to exchange it in Cuba. So may not be the best choice. They do not accept Australian dollars at all. However GBP and Euros are welcome. In fact you can use them as a form of payment in many places, although you will get your change in CUC, so you may not receive the best exchange rate in these transactions.

The best thing to do is bring say Euro and change it at the CADECA as you need it, don’t change too much at once as you cannot keep CUC with you, you will have to change it all back on your way out of the country at the airport. Bare in mind that 1CUC = 1USD

So how much should you bring? Recommended amount as a bare minimum is $50USD a day. If you allow for double that, you can definitely be very comfortable and will probably go home with money left over.

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