If Cuba Safe to travel to?

The short answer is most defintely, yes.

You will probably pass through more dangerous places on the way there, depending on how you are planning to get to Cuba.

Cuba is a communist country, from my experience having been to a few, they tend to be the safest places ever, because they penalties for doing bad stuff are high, which tends to be a deterrent to people.

Be ready for poverty being visible, this is not a sign for bad public safety.

In saying that, there are the general scams that you will find in any tourist areas. Things like currency scams (especially that Cuba has 2 different currencies), so make sure you know the different currencies and watch the change you get back as well as stick to exchanging money at the CADECA.

There is the taxi scam, firstly make sure you agree on a price. Secondly make sure that you have the right change as they tend to claim not to have any change on them if you are presenting a larger note even if you agreed on a price.

And of course watch out for pickpocketing, fake guides and beggars in the busier areas.

Also use common sense:

  • Don’t bring all your jewellery with you and put it on display.
  • Don’t carry too much cash
  • Lock your original documents away
  • Lock your bags up
  • Don’t get a drink alone or with strangers – especially if you are a woman
  • Don’t carry other people’s stuff

Apart from these, the only things to watch for is not drinking tap water and the terrible potholes!

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