Cuba is still not a fully discovered travel destination, so often travelers wonder what they should pack for their trip.

The must-haves

Passport and Visa

Of course a passport is a must have, although Cuba only requires you to have validity for the duration your trip, it is a much safer practice to have at least 6 month validity left on your passport at time of travel.

Visa or a Tourist card is also a must (except for travelers coming from the 19 countries in the world who are exempt).

When you are out and about discovering lock these documents up in the safe at your casa so you do not lose them.

Cash, must be cash

The banking system is a tad bit antiquated in Cuba, so cash is best to have with you. American credit and debit cards will not work at all and some of the others may have issues also. Bear in mind that if you bring USD there will be a 13% surcharge at time of converting it to CUC. Best options are EUR or GBP.

Travel Insurance

Is an absolute must. You cannot enter the country without it. Make sure that you do in fact have coverage in Cuba with your insurance. If you need assistance, contact World Nomads.

Copies of your important documents

It’s handy to have a copy of your passport, birth certificate, credit card, insurances, itineraries etc. with you in case you need it.


Either a backpack or a suitcase with wheels because you are the one who will be carrying your bags and many places are upstairs in Cuba.

What to put in your bag

Water bottle – yes you can buy bottled water, but we like to recommend that to reduce plastic pollution, you buy a large bottle of water that you can use over several days.

Somethings we take for granted are not easy to come by in Cuba, so you are best to take it with you:

First aid kit – in case you need it

Sunscreen – you’ll definitely need it

Medical kit – things like Imodium, cold and flu tablets, hay fever tablets, hydralite are handy to have

Mosquito repellent – Zika virus is one of the threats in Cuba, so definitely make sure you pack this

Charger and adaptor for your electronic devices

Portable battery pack

Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Toothpaste, Cosmetics and Feminine Hygiene Products – yes, it may sound like something that you are used to having for everyday use, they may not be easy to find in Cuba, so pack all that you would need for your trip – Travel to cuba from USA .

Torch can be handy, as lights go out in Cuba from time to time


Clothes wise – think of casual, smart casual, summer, walking, trekking, swimming… what would you pack for these activities? Apart from that do consider bringing a rain coat even if it is not the rainy season. A jumper or cardigan to keep warm as at times temperatures can drop.

High heels ladies, can stay home I’d say, just based on the state of the road – think cobblestone streets…

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