Cuba has some of the most interesting transportation options in the world. Anything from horsing carts to coco-taxis, classic cars, shared taxis, hitchhiking you name it, it’s probably an option.

The best way to travel is in a private car with a driver and a guide. The reason for this is that this option is reliable, takes you exactly where you want, when you want. Why do we also suggest having a guide? Well, you are in the Carribean, things do not always turn out according to plan and a guide can help you sort out any sticky situation and show you places that wasn’t in your Lonely Planet Guide – cuba travel agency.

In saying that, if you are feeling adventurous you can try one of the following options:


It’s an accepted form of public transport in Cuba. It is legal, it is safe. You can try to go for the ‘free’ option, but you will find many other hitch hikers with cash in their hands as an incentive to get picked up and taken to their destination.


Is the government bus service that will take you between towns. It’s not expensive, and generally runs on time. However there are generally massive lines at their offices to get a ticket. So make sure you get in line early if this is your form of transport.


Taxis within each city can take various shapes. You can have anything from a coco-taxi to a horsing cart to an old Lada or a classic car. Whatever shape the taxi takes make sure that you agree on a price before you get into the taxi to your location and make sure that you have the right cash on hand. Unfortunately some taxi drivers like to take advantage of the tourists.


Yes it is an option, all we can say is – DO NOT DO IT!

There are some old locomotive trains putting around Cuba, but for the most part, you have to be pretty patient to be a train traveler on this Caribbean-paced island. They are somewhat infrequent (running every two to three days), and even then, are often delayed.

Even though there have been improvements to fuel supply and the rail fleet, the trains are still often unreliable and not the most comfortable, so most travelers opt for planes, buses, cars, and taxis.


You can rent a car for around USD80 a day, or rent a motorbike for around USD25 a day. This way, just like with your own driver you can stop at anywhere at any time and run your own schedule. The rental companies are government owned as such prices cannot be negotiated and are the same all around the island. You will need great concentration to drive around on Cuban roads, potholes are craaazy!

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