Not being able to reach my partner for to days was a great reminder to put a video together on the best time to travel to Cuba USA.

It is not between October and November. But let me give you a bit more information on the weather.

The nicest weather is between December and May. This period is known as the dry season. The weather at this time is a balmy 25 – 29 degrees celsius, with overnight temperatures being around 25 still. So you can run around in shorts and T-shirts any time of the day. In saying that, occasionally you may be faced with some cooler days and may be even rain depending on whether there is a cool front passing through the area.

In the dry season all activities are available, so you can fully enjoy your stay. But do keep in mind that December and January are winter months in the Northern Hemisphere and School holidays in some other part of the world. It is also the Festive season, so getting to Cuba may be pricier than other times. February to May are still beautiful, and also perfect for nature activities like trekking and birdwatching.

May to August is what we call the build up in the Northern Territory of Australia, and the reason for that being is that the weather turns humid, hot and muggy, but doesn’t rain as much yet. It is a time of year that many people cannot stand. Personally I think it is great for beautiful skin!

The heaviest rains arrive from August onward. At this time it is still humid, but is also wet, and in Cuba that can mean power outages. Which adds to the adventure, but it may not be your cup of tea. So just bear in mind that outages can last up to 18 hours at times. Also due to the rain, some activities may not be available, for example it is not the best time for snorkeling.

In October you will have the hurricanes/cyclones arrive. These two months are the most dangerous times to visit Cuba due to the weather as it sits in a cyclone corridor. What you need to know about this time that communication systems tend to be affected partially due to pre-caution and partially due to any damage that may have been caused. So just bear it in mind when you are planning your trip.

As with all natural events the weather cannot be controlled, and each season in Cuba has its natural beauty. Each season brings about a different adventure. To get the most out of your trip, be prepared for the season you are traveling in.

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