Have to say I am limiting this post to Havana today, as we are focusing on this amazing city this month, yet to me the whole of Cuba is the most photogenic place in the universe…

I just feel like taking photos of every single thing in sight…

Let’s look at Havana today, what makes it so photogenic? Well, I feel it has everything! From the pastel colored buildings – some with the added characteristics of the painting being half peeling, with exposed bricks and crumbling walls, to the vibrant colored classic cars, to the amazing sunsets with the waves crashing against the Malecon. The street vendors, the live performers, the artists creating amazing paintings, the wall art, the statues, the squares, the forts, the people… what more can you really ask for?


And how can you capture these?

Firstly make sure you always have your camera on you! Or at least some sort of device to take pictures with…

As part of the Capture the Essence of Cuba Tours we take you to spots that provide perfect photo opportunities, or you can join various day tours around Havana. Having a guide means that you can not only find the best spots for photos or Cuba Photo Tour, but also learn about the history and culture behind the elements you are capturing.

Places like Revolucion Square, Morro Castle, Old Havana and its cathedrals, Revolucion Museum, the Capitolio, Hotel Nacional, Lennon Park, La Guiardia, are just some of the must see… then there are the back streets, the cars and the people.

Some tips to take photos in Havana

Try to visualize new and personal views of iconic places by figuring out different perspectives, vantage points, and moments. Visiting Cuba is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’s important you have the time to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Cuba, to breathe it in. Early mornings are great to avoid crowds. Be patient, receptive, and attentive, and respect the local people.

Why go on a photo tour with us?

Our local guides can provide unexpected insights and interesting stories to tell with your photos. We group together areas of interests to maximise your time in capturing photos We explore it on foot mostly to allow you the opportunity to take in the sites and to discover locations off the beaten path. We help you visit each area like a local, so you can capture real people in your portraits (with their permission of course).
Our guides can help you connect with the locals to help you hear their stories.

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