7kgs of essentials… what will they be? Especially for a long haul flight…

It’s amazing how quick the 7kgs gets filled when you have a laptop and camera gear to carry, really doesn’t leave much room for anything else, so you have got to think of priorities and necessities.

Best part is, some of the items are wearable, which means if you put them on for check in, your carry-on bag will be that much lighter.

7kgs of essentials

What to wear

Not sure about you, but my long haul flights tend to be overnight, which means it gets chilli, as such wearing trackpants, jumpers, scarf and a pair of thick socks makes it nice an cosy. Then there’s the thought of compression gear… you can choose compression pants, stockings or those calf sleeves.

Comfy, easy to remove shoes that allow for swelling are also handy. I wouldn’t go with thongs if you wear your socks, but birkenstocks are rather handy. If you frequent lounges, you may just want to check if they are permitted in.

And a newly essential item, your face mask! You will be given some on your travels, I do prefer my own.

What to wear

What to pack – the essentials

I feel we need to break this section down, as there are some things you must have these days when travelling and somethings that are handy, mainly for when you arrive.

Things like your passport, vaccination certificate (helpful to have it printed in some countries as you may not be able to access it via the net), travel card/visa, cash, visa/mastercard, pen are a must have. You can put this in a travel wallet. Personally I like to have these on me in my little over the shoulder travel bag at all time.

Extra copies of your documents like your passport, visa, health declaration, vaccination certificate, PCR results if required and the like can go into the carry-on bag along with an extra passport photo.

Your accommodation bookings, transfer confirmation, joining instructions, plane ticket/itinerary and travel insurance.

Phones, chargers, glasses, noise cancelling headphones, moisturiser, deodorant and any regular medication along with its script is a must have in your carry-on along with a change of clothes, in case your check in luggage is lost.

bag pack for travel

What to pack – nice to haves

Travel Pillow – there are so many versions of these. They can be amazing if you find a version that works for you. I found that between the pillows issued and being able to fold the headrest to support your head, I can get quite comfortable.

Notebook – if you find yourself get inspired during travel. But you can always use the notepad on your phone to take notes.

Eye mask – you get these issued on the flights. But if you feel the need to get your own personalised one, go ahead.

Ear plugs – some airlines issue these. I also find the constant hum of the airplane soothing, so it’s up to you.

In flight entertainment – most planes have plenty to choose from these days, but if you need something different, bring your own.

Portable power pack – most definitely handy once you land… but you can now charge your electronic devices on the plane and at the airports, so most important thing is the chord.

travelling in cuba

Disinfectant wipes – helpful, handy, also get some on the plane, so depends how much you want to use these.

Sunscreen – Why? Do you ask? Well if you travel during the day and leave your blinds up, you can get very burnt on the plane. So handy to have.

Travel adapter – definitely a must have on your trip. Do you need it in your carry on? Well it depends on what you may need to plug into a power source on your travels.

Heat patches/cream – in case you get stiff. Which is highly likely from 11 hours in the air at a time if you come from Australia. Love the tiger balm patches!

Vitamins – whether it’s to drink or chew on, they can be helpful to keep you regular on a long haul flight.

Cuba Tours

Toothbrush/toothpaste – if you pack these, remember they can only be travel pack size, not your every day size. Otherwise, many airlines issue a one use toothpaste/brush in their welcome pack.

Well, here’s my take on what is needed in your carry-on. I am interested to know, what is your must have items for your carry-on luggage for long haul international flights?