I have to give you a heads up, we never use hotels! We are always staying in casas, in saying that some of the casas of Havana provide a better experience than what you’d get in a hotel. And I don’t just mean any hotel!

I’m a strong believer that just because you travel sustainably, doesn’t mean that you have to be slumming it. We always make sure that our property partners are of the highest standards.

Here are our top picks.

Casa Cuarteles

Your hosts at this stunning casa in the heart of old Havana is Lillevi and Alberto. Lillevi fell in love with Cuba – the music, the moves in salsa dancing, the colours, the Santeria religion, the beaches and the sea, the sun, the architecture, the smiles and the laughters of its people. Then she met her husband, Alberto, and together they created Casa Cuarteles.

Casa C, as we often refer to it, is a stunningly renovated 19th century building, with a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast or an afternoon mojito at. Each room is hand painted by Alberto’s son to the designs created by Lillevi, inspired by the Santeria religion of Cuba.

They just love to see happy customers.

“Alberto and myself, we just love see the smile on our guest’s faces when they sit on our rooftop terrace having breakfast, or when they say that they will come back to Casa Cuarteles next time they come to La Habana, Cuba. We just love happy guests!” – as Lillevi put it.

A fantastic couple, offering an outstanding property and brilliant service.

Casa Vitrales

Another beauty in Old Havana! Step back in time and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of CASA VITRALES—a colonial-era building, rich with preserved charms from days gone by. With its central patio adorned by colourful water tiles and vibrant design elements throughout, each space has a personality all to itself that will whisk you away on an inspiring journey through Havana’s past!

Lovely place, great location and plenty to see right in the vicinity.

AS Residence

A true Urban Oasis in the heart of Old Havana!

A mix of European style and Cuban spirit blended into a true masterpiece – just as the owners Andre and Sandy have merged their cultures into a loving relationship.  Immerse yourself in the captivating culture and spirit of Havana, located within an exquisite boutique hotel that epitomizes luxury living. This majestic oasis is set right at the heart of San Isidro – a neighborhood TIME OUT has deemed one of 2021’s 51 coolest destinations on earth! Rediscover history while being embraced by modern beauty here in this city paradise.

Journey to a secret paradise and savor the sophisticated atmosphere of quiet elegance. Experience ‘slow travel’ like never before with this hidden gem that offers eclectic style, bohemian chic and laid-back luxury – all in one! Celebrate kinship and privacy amongst independent minds as you explore your own journey here.

This urban oasis in Old Havana offers an intimate and relaxed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Connect with kindred spirits in luxurious spaces, or relax alone amidst modern comforts. Revel in two stunning living suites, four beautiful duplex rooms, a majestic salon and an awe-inspiring rooftop – all while feasting on organic fare at HAV restaurant. Experience exclusive enchantment here!


Located in the epicenter of Havana, Hotel Boutique Malecon 663 straddles a unique crossroad between classic and modern Cuba. This house from the early 20th century has been reconstructed as part of an awe-inspiring mission led by talented Cuban architects and designers who adopted an eclectic approach which blends traditional charm with contemporary innovation through upcycling techniques.

More than just another hotel stay, it’s an adventure – connecting visitors to yesterday’s culture while immersing them in today’s urban scene; bringing together Cubans and people around the world all under one roof! Step inside three levels full of music, emotion & global connection — take yourself on a journey that bridges tradition with unlimited possibilities for cultural exchange.

Voya Havana

VOYA is a truly unique experience, offering an entirely contemporary take on the timeless beauty of Havana. Boasting a beautifully restored mansion from 1925, this luxury lifestyle concept looks to offer visitors more than just another hotel visit – but rather invites them into their home away from home! With personalised service and impeccable design as our core pillars, we engage in thoughtful touches throughout your entire stay so that you can feel immersed within Cuban culture without ever leaving behind comfort or class. At VOYA it’s always time for relaxation – come join us today and become part of the family!

Just 15 minutes from Havana International Airport, and you’ll find yourself stepping through the doors of paradise. Step out into heritage Santos Suarez neighbourhood to experience life as it should be – pastel-hued homes framed against majestic old-world mansions, with bars and restaurants close at hand for when your taste buds get hungry! Explore further in La Habana Vieja where nestled gems await discovery; then return home refreshed by this little piece of Havana heaven.

What do your think? Some truly stunning places in Havana that can help your stay make absolutely fabulous!