At the time we prepared this video the only area open was the Cayos, and Varadero was being prepared to be opened. These areas were chosen because the travelers could be segregated from the local in a hotel/resort environment. We received many questions about these packages, it is not something we deal with.

Firstly we are not a travel agency, we are a tour company. So we do not offer hotel packages that confine you to one location. We offer tours that will take you around the island so you can see and experience more.

Secondly, and more importantly, our mission is to provide travelers an authentic Cuban experience and cultural immersion whilst giving back to the local communities, as such we never stay at hotels or resorts on our tours. Hotels and resorts are either government owned or owned by large hotel chains, whereas casas are privately owned. Which is why it is our preferred accommodation option.

See when you are staying at a casa, you get authentic Cuban hospitality – small group tours cuba. You also get to stay in the area where the locals are staying, since you are literally staying in someone’s home. As such you get to see more of how the people of Cuba live, how they entertain themselves, eat at the local eateries, try the local food. If you chat to our casa owners, you can learn more about the way of life, you can learn about their challenges, their victories, and their culture. We feel it is a truly unique experience. One that can be humbling, exciting and certainly one where we have seen life long friendships develop.

Casas that we have chosen have the necessities for western comfort, like fly screens, aircons, comfortable mattresses and the like. It may not sound like much, but those items are a luxury in Cuba, along with glass windows! Yes, it is a different world, which is why it is much better experience from a casa than a hotel.

Come and try it! Check our tours for your next holiday.