Havana, the heartbeat of the forbidden country, Cuba.

Come here to be mesmerised by the eclectic architecture, with a surprise around every corner. To sway to the Cuban rhythms in surround sound as you stroll. Or to be inspired by cutting-edge contemporary art. And to taste the creative cuisine of the next gastronomic capital of the world – Cuba Photography Tours.

Since its foundation in 1519, Havana has had a rich history of piracy, colonialism and mobster rule. It survived two independence wars, a revolution and the continuing US trade embargo. Despite the difficulties its people are the kindest, most friendly people in the world. Maybe it’s the survivalist spirit of its people, the decaying grandeur of its majestic buildings or the salsa energy that gives this feeling that just make you fall in love with it. Whatever you do, make sure you arrive with an open mind and immerse yourself in the experience this city has to offer.

Things to see and do

Classic Car Cruise

When you think of Havana, one of the first things that comes to mind is a beautiful vintage convertible car, right? So don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to drive down the gorgeous streets Havana discovering the city’s best-kept secrets! Drive along the Malecon, follow the route of Fast and the Furious, visiting Revolucion Square and  the John Lennon Park are just some of the highlights of this cruise.

Simply put, our Classic Car Tour is an absolute must when visiting Cuba.

Old Havana Walking Tour

See why Unesco made this place a world heritage as  you walk the sun-drenched cobblestone streets as we take in Havana’s most beautiful squares and discover over 5 centuries of history and visit iconic sights like the famous Plaza San Francisco, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de Armas, & Plaza Vieja. Learn about the Gentleman of Paris’ tragic love story, immerse yourself in the locals’ rhythm and discover this city’s rich and turbulent history.

Join us on one of our Group Tours to discover Havana and Cuba with a local tour guide.

Cigar Factory Tours

Let’s face it, the best place to learn about cigars is Vinales. But if you have no time to head out there, Havana has some amazing cigar factories to teach you about making the perfect cigar. Lt’s face it crafting a perfect cigar is an artform, and to see it done, you have to visit a cigar factory in Cuba. Here you will see how the tobacco is graded, cigars are rolled, boxed and stored. If you are willing we can show you how to match your cigar with a coffee or a rum after your factory visit.


A low-key district of Jaimanitas turned into a wonderful piece of art by Juse Fuster. It’s a fantastical mix of spiraling walkways, rippling pools and sunburst fountains. The work pays homages to Pablo Picasso and Gaudí. Magic realism, maritime motifs, the curvaceous lines of modernism, and a large dose of Fuster’s own Cubanness. There is no other place like this on earth.

Hemingway Trail

Follow the smell of rum, taste of dacquiri and the memory of Hemingway on this tour through Havana. Enjoy a cocktail at La Floridita, visit his museum and take a short drive to a waterfront restaurant, La Terraza de Cojimar. Be prepared for probably the booziest tour ever!

Buena Vista Social Club

Everyone knows the music of the legendary „Buena Vista Social Club“. No other music group has put Cuba, Havana and the typical Cuban music in the focus of the world. Enjoy a first-class dinner and amazing music through the night with the remaining members of the Club.

If you are looking for something a bit more lively, Fabrica de Arte Cubano is a cutting edge hotspot where sophisticated gallery rooms cohabitate with multimedia performance spaces. The large warehouse space has been transformed into the hippest place in town for live events, like tango classes and symphony performances, while interesting art expos line the white walls.

Do you want to see magic? Visit the Camera Obscura at Plaza Vieja. Go into a very dark room on a sunny day, make a small hole in a window cover and look at the opposite wall, you will see magic. Full color and movement will be the world outside the window to uncover a spectacular view of Havana. It’s an unforgettable experience. For more amazing city views, you can visit the Jose Martí Memorial, standing at 138.5m tall with a lookout at 129m, it is the tallest structure in Havana, fronted by a Martí statue that houses a museum.

Visit Morro Castle, this wave-lashed fort with its emblematic lighthouse was erected between 1589 and 1630 to protect the entrance to Havana harbor from pirates and foreign invaders. Whilst it is no longer needed to defend against hostile foreign forces, the building remains in place and is wonderfully well-preserved. It’s certainly a must-see when visiting Havana. Do you want more of Cuba’s fascinating history?

Check out the Revolution Museum that is set in the former Presidential Palace. The museum, details Cuban history, descends chronologically from the top floor, focusing on the events leading up to, during and immediately after the Cuban Revolution.

Are you inspired? Join us on one of our Group Tours to discover Havana and Cuba with a local guide.