I hear so many times that people do not like the food in Cuba. The only conclusion I can come up with is that they do not eat at places where traditional Cuban food is being served. Traditional Cuban food is not spicy, chilies are not something that are common. There are specific tastes that are fairly common and of course there are staples, like rice and beans with nearly every dish. Yet with its simplicity and traditional cooking methods, like the use of charcoal, create delicious meals!

There are two places especially within Cuba where he food is super delicious! Vinales is one of them as it is in the heart of an agricultural region, so your ingredients are the freshest you could ever get. In some instances it literally comes from the farm where you are eating at.

So where do we like eating at when we are visiting here?

Balcon del Valle

About 3kms out of town, set among the tobacco fields hides this amazing little gem. The scenery you have with one of three balconies includes the unmissable mogotes of the area, as well as luscious green fields with drying houses, are on par if not better than the Finca El Paraiso (wi’ll let you be the judge of that!), and it’s unwritten menu of country-style meals with plenty of vegetables are absolutely amazing!


This one is completely different from the other two… Whilst they were following a traditional style of cooking and servings, Tarecos is a rooftop, gastro pub, run buy the hip youngens. Seating may seem limited, so ensure that you do venture upstairs, where you will be provided with stunning sunset views. It is the perfect place for that afternoon sesh, offering modern tapas dishes to go with your amazing cocktails as you enjoy the afternoon/evening.

Finca Agreocologica El Paraiso

This is an iconic, 100% organic farm located on the outskirts of Vinales perched up on a hill with amazing views of Vinales Valley. The farm is masterfully set up with companion farming so the use of any pesticides is completely eliminated. Whilst to me this is magic – I am still trying to figure out the art of such an amazing vegie garden – Photography Tours in Cuba it is a necessity to be able to create such perfect harmony to be able to grow healthy crop.

This farm was set up in 2008, on a waste land, when the land was acquired by its current owner. His hard work certainly paid off! Today when you visit this place you will be provided plenty of food. In fact often it’s a complaint that there is too much of the amazing fresh vegetables, chicken and of course the unmissable and amazing roast pork.

The farm doesn’t just provide amazing meals for the tourists. It also is a training centre for school children and a supplier of fresh vegetables to the local school and hospital.

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