Imagine yourself stepping into a world where time stands still, but the energy is palpable. With Simply Cuba, you don’t just visit Cuba; you feel it, breathe it, and live it. Picture cruising through Havana’s streets in a classic convertible, with a rhythmic blend of salsa and son filling the air. As you uncover the hidden alleys with our seasoned guides, you’ll stumble upon vibrant murals and impromptu dance performances. Our local experts, boasting over 70 years of combined experience, are your key to unlocking the island’s intricate mosaic of history, culture, and spirit.

This is not just another tour; it’s your chance to become a part of Cuba’s vibrant tapestry. With Simply Cuba, every turn unveils a new adventure, every interaction a new story, and every sight a piece of Cuba’s heart.

But why should you engage us, to guide you through this island? Cuba still has some intricacies that can be challenging to navigate. Here is the insight from our guides on the ground on what you may need to consider…

Havana scene

Cuba is changing, although at the pace of ‘Cuban time’

In Cuba, the past meets the present in a unique blend of old-world charm and modern vitality. Explore the time warp, where vintage American cars coexist with friendly locals and mesmerizing music drifting from open windows. Discover the shops of up-and-coming local entrepreneurs with marvellous offerings, showcasing Cuba’s resilient spirit. Whilst every day challenges persist for locals, including limited supplies and blackouts.

The journey demands patience and adaptability, but rewards intrepid travelers with authentic experiences from family-run paladares offering traditional Cuban cuisine, strolling through cobblestone streets lined with colonial architecture, where every interaction and experience is steeped in genuine hospitality and cultural pride.

In a land untainted by global chains, visitors have the chance to witness Cuba’s self-reliance firsthand. As the island slowly rebuilds its tourism infrastructure, now is the perfect time to immerse yourself in Cuba’s enduring perseverance.

Havana Malecon

Why it’s best to have a local guide by your side

Navigating the unique rhythms of daily life in this vibrant country requires finesse, patience, and local expertise. Without it, independent travel can quickly become a maze of challenges and unexpected surprises.

From disappearing rental cars to closed hotels, the intricacies of Cuban logistics demand a special touch. Embrace the adventure with an open mind and be prepared for the beautifully disorganized choreography that awaits. Let our local experts smooth your way and ensure your journey is filled with unforgettable experiences, not unforeseen obstacles.

Malecon fun

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

Definitely a saying worth remembering in Cuba! With google maps or search enginges being out of question for finding things, and advertising not permitted even on the ground, it can be tough finding what you are looking for in Cuba. Amazing what you can find behind weathered facades when you know where to find them…

From hidden dance studios to secret art galleries, there’s a world of wonders waiting for you to discover. With expert guides by your side, you can dive into private rehearsals and connect with Cuban creatives on a personal level. Let local knowledge guide you through this mysterious maze of faded facades to unveil the heart and soul of Cuba’s art, culture, and dialogue. Don’t pass up the chance for an authentic experience in this enchanting island paradise!

Havana street

Enjoy the moment with no internet

Whilst the internet connection had major uplift in the past years and Wifi and data access is a lot easier to obtain these days, the country’s charm lies in its slower pace and disconnected state. Travelers can fully immerse themselves in each moment without distractions, allowing for a more enriching experience. Explore Cuba with all your senses and intuition for a truly transformative journey.

Experience the beauty of being present in the moment without the constant buzz of digital devices, it’ll bring a whole new level of relaxation!

Get out of Havana

Yes, Havana is a tourist hotspot. Even there you can find a way to get away from the tourist traps if you have a local by your side. But if you really want to experience Cuba’s spirit, do yourself a favour, get out of Havana. The farther you venture from the capital, the more of Cuba’s untouched charms are revealed. Imagine, exploring picturesque towns in Cuba, off the beaten path, where you can engage with locals and immerse yourself in an authentic and unique experience. With Simply Cuba’s local connections, you’ll feel like a true explorer uncovering the heart of this vibrant destination.

Make an effort to engage with the locals

Embrace the Cuban culture by trying out simple Spanish greetings like ‘¿Qué bola?’ or incorporating basic phrases to show respect and willingness to engage. Break down barriers by sharing humor and laughter, connecting on a human level with openness and humility.

But remember, avoid mocking or stereotyping and instead focus on mutual curiosity and a desire for cross-cultural understanding. Forming authentic connections in Cuba means leaving assumptions behind, engaging in genuine conversations, and creating memorable moments through human-to-human dialogue. Open your mind, embrace the exchange, and make lasting memories in Cuba!

Cuban Horseman

Cuba has so much more on offer then what you may have imagined…

Cuba is more than just the classic cars, colourful buildings, salsa and mojitos. If you let it . You may dive into the art of repurposing, or find fascinating vintage items, inspiring a rethink of consumption habits. Witness the boundless resourcefulness of the human spirit in a land untouched by excess.

Or explore ecological wonders on and off the island, gaining insight into sustainable preservation efforts. Combine breathtaking coastal views with a deeper appreciation for Cuba’s commitment to conservation. Immerse yourself in the island’s ecological narrative and leave with a newfound dedication to safeguarding natural marvels.

Find world class musicians, seamstresses and marvelous dancers even in the smallest towns, and let’s not forget the ingenious mechanics that can keep the vintage cars going!

Cuba awaits, offering more than just a sun-and-sand vacation—it’s an opportunity for transformative exploration. Come with an open heart and mind, free of preconceived notions, and let the culture, history, and vibrant energy of this unique destination captivate you. Unlock the secrets of Cuba with us and create unforgettable memories.