Havana is a street photographer’s heaven! Not only does it have blocks of amazing architecture, from nicely restored, vibrant buildings, to crumbling mansions, exposed bricks, fading grandeour, forts and beautiful doorways, it also has the colourful 1950’s classic cars, a city bustling with activity and Cubans going about their lives. Young children playing on the streets, man playing dominoes, street vendors rolling past, women standing on balconies, it’s a perfect place to tell stories of people through your lens.

It’s the perfect spot to capture the essence of everyday life of this city on the streets. Here are a few tips, but most importantly have fun!


Timing is everything

There are some amazing shots to be had at sunrise and sunset that can capture the peaceful energy of this amazing city, and provide for a softer picture.

Speak with the locals

Most Cuban speak several languages, but having a little Spanish knowledge can take you a long way. When you talk to the locals, you may find a little spark to take a photo a different way, capture ‘their perspective’. And you can get a great backstory to your picture.


Get a guide

This can save you time, take you to better places and tap into the local knowledge at a deeper level. They can group areas of interests for you to capture. It is also a great way to support the local people. They can also keep you from people that may ask you for payment for pictures.

Limit your gear

There are a few reasons for this, firstly you don’t want to be lugging everything around. Secondly it can help you break your norm and look for different ways to capture the moments.

Set Your Camera

The easiest way to set up your camera for street photography is to switch the camera to AV (aperture-priority mode) and select your f-stop and ISO manually. Try to set his White Balance to cloudy to make the colors of Havana pop.



Yes, there is plenty to see. Yet the best thing may be to pick a location you like and look at different angles to get a perfect shot.

Enjoy the rain

I love photos that capture reflections in puddles and with Havana streets, this opportunity gives you some amazingly interesting shots! Get low, and see what you get in the reflection…

Oh those portraits!

Don’t know about you, but I enjoy capturing the people anywhere I go. In Havana you will find abuelas dressed in colourful outfits, old man smoking cigars in doorways… just so many interesting faces. DO ask for permission, but don’t be afraid to get close.


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Cuba is a photographer’s delight – Cuba Photography Tours. Vibrant people, colorful buildings, stunning sunsets, classic cars, pristine waters, lush green forests, beautiful birds, natural delights… the list is just ongoing!

We have handpicked the best places to provide you with varied photo opportunities for your 10 day stay in Cuba. Havana provides a great mixture of architecture and street photography as well as the possibility to capture people from various walks of life. Vinales in contrast brings to you the farmlands, fresh produce, stunning landscapes. Soroa and Las Terrazas offer exquisite birdlife and untouched nature. Whilst Trinidad and its surroundings are a mix of a vibrant town stuck in a time warp, amazing nature, architecture and so much more.

All areas with various backdrops, provide breathtaking sunrises and sunsets each and every day!

To make this trip even more exciting, you get a chance to join in some fun also! Like salsa dancing, tasting amazing food, and meeting wonderful people along the way!