Vinales offers up some amazing landscapes, colours, lights and opportunities to capture the perfect moment. Mother nature just brings it! So how can you best capture the moment?


We spoke about this before with street photography, same goes for landscapes, you need to find the perfect location. Lucky for you Vinales has several spots that you can utilise, the outlook near Hotel Jasmine, the sights around the Murals, the sight from various organic farms in the area, all give you stunning outlook to Vinales Valley. So why not try them all?


Oh my, as if 2020 didn’t teach us this lesson!

Patience is everything when you are trying to take the perfect shot. This is not something you can rush. Whether it’s for the perfect sunrise (or sunset) shot trying to capture the sun in just the right angle or waiting for clouds to move along to capture a clear sky you need to wait for just the right moment for the best shots.


I’m starting to feel like a mindset coach, lol. Yet, it is true that great shots will not come by without some effort! Remember I mentioned in the last photography tips message to try to look for a different perspective… well when it comes to doing that with landscape shots it may just mean that you have to take that 3km hike up the hill to capture a least known angle of the valley. Will you be willing to make the effort to go down on a road less travelled to take an amazing shot?



You know that the perfect light can make or break a photo! In an artificial setting you can manage that by providing your own lighting. When it comes to landscape photography however you have to consider when Nature is being the most generous with the lighting. In a location like Vinales Valley, early morning or late afternoon creates a beautiful light for your landscape shots!


Sure, there are various editing tools you can use these days to make a phot look better post-production. Let’s face it, realistically if you didn’t get your composition right in the first instance, it will still not look good in the final output. Train yourself as you practice your photography to really see the scene and analyze it before capturing the moment.


Use filters

Think Natural Density filters and polarizers here to manipulate the light and enhance the elements. These will help you minimize reflections, enhance greens and blues (perfect to create an amazing shot of the valley with its vibrant greens!)

And the biggest tips of all

Do it different

If you have a look on the internet, there are plenty of shots that look a like of this area. Think of a way of doing it different! What angle, what position, what filter, what time of the day will help you create a truly unique shot of this amazing place?

Even better, join one of our sustainable, small group photography tours and let the experts guide you!