Cuba is a place where the past and present come together. It is renowned for its beautiful colonial architecture, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes. For photographers looking to capture the beauty of this country, there’s no better way than to join a group tour. Here are some tips on how to have fun traveling Cuba on a group tour while capturing amazing photos.

Choose Your Tour Wisely

When choosing your group tour, make sure that it’s tailored to your interests as a photographer. Look for tours that offer small groups and focus on photography-specific activities like visiting local galleries or attending workshops led by professional Cuban photographers. These types of tours will help you get the most out of your time in Cuba by allowing you to spend more time behind the lens.

At Simply Cuba Tours, we bring you the local knowledge and insight through our guides, to be able to present you with unique photo opportunities, whilst we also have awarded, international photography experts on hand to guide you toward creating some stunning shots for your photography portfolio.

Bring the Right Gear

Make sure to bring all the necessary gear when traveling on a group tour of Cuba. A DSLR camera is essential for capturing high-quality images, but don’t forget about other essentials like memory cards, batteries, and spare lenses. It’s also important to pack light; choose items that are both functional and lightweight so that you can easily move around when photographing different locations or people.

Our guides and experts will be on hand to ensure you follow local etiquette and that you get hands on tips and advice on anything from angles, lighting to processing that winning image.

Capture Local People & Culture

Cuba is full of amazing people and unique culture that can be captured through photography. Take advantage of any opportunities during your tour to interact with locals and document their lives through photos. Ask questions about their experiences living in Cuba and share stories with them as you take pictures together. This will give you an even greater appreciation for the culture while also helping to capture meaningful photos of real people living in this country.

Apart from the people, Cuba also offers magical underwater photography opportunities as well as a stunning birdlife. We have a specialist in each field so you don’t have to compromise on the type of portfolio you wish to create.

Make Connections

Group tours are great opportunities for making new friends with like-minded travelers from all over the world. Take advantage of this opportunity by introducing yourself to other members of the group and engaging in conversations about Cuba and its culture. You’ll quickly learn about different perspectives on this fascinating country and gain insight into its history and traditions. Who knows—you might even make lifelong friends!

Traveling Cuba on a group tour is an excellent way for photographers to experience this beautiful country, from connecting with interesting people from around the world to taking stunning photographs along the way, traveling through Cuba as part of a group tour can be one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable! Choose your tour wisely, make sure to bring all the necessary gear, and take advantage of every opportunity to interact with locals so that you can truly appreciate Cuban culture through your lens! With these tips in mind, you’re ready for an unforgettable journey! Check out our photography tour itineraries, and come and join us!