Simply Cuba is about Sustainable, ethical, responsible travel. Whatever name you want to give it, the point is to make sure that the place you visit benefits of your presence.

Let’s face it, tourism for a while, except for 2020, was one of the largest industries (in Cuba it’s certainly one of the main sources of income). Globally, it provided 10% of the Global GDP, meaning 1 in 10 jobs came from the tourism industry. Imagine the devastation around the world this year…

I’ve recently attended a webinar, and was very excited to hear that people are now looking to make a difference when they travel to cuba! I truly hope this will transpire. Travel should be a way of enriching each other – through sharing the experience, culture, history, way of life. It should be a way of putting money back into the communities we visit so we can help those communities with local initiatives, like better infrastructure – roads, schools, hospitals and also preserving their eco-systems.

Commercial tourism, overtourism wears down the systems both man-made and natural and create stressed locals and nature. How about instead of a win-lose situation, we focus on a win-win?


So how do we provide a sustainable/responsible travel option? We designed tours that provide the opportunity to learn about the communities we visit, their culture, lifestyle and everything in between. We are supporting the local communities by using casas for accommodation, private transport, local guides – so they can in turn support their families and communities. We also encourage the reduction of waste and also, especially on our nature tours, educate people about the wildlife that’s becoming endangered and the wonders of the natural eco-system.

Being a responsible traveler may not be the easy or cheapest option, it’s always the better choice. It gives you a much richer experience, provides for personal growth, ticking the human need of contribution and is a way to make sure that incredible places can survive log after you are gone… Will you join us? – Check out our Sustainable small group tours.